Spotify House Gives The Spotlight To K-Artist At "SXSW Sydney"

From October 18 to 21, Spotify House at “SXSW Sydney” lit up with a dynamic display of music talent from across Asia. This inaugural event brought together the region’s brightest artists and industry experts, uniting to celebrate the rich culture of Asia Pacific music. The four-day event featured a mix of daytime panels, workshops, fireside chats, and live performances by emerging artists. At Spotify House, festival-goers at “SXSW” were treated to an unforgettable showcase of South Korea’s finest music and creative talents. The lineup featured four incredible acts: Sam Kim, JUNNY, So!YoON!, and Huh. They delivered performances that not only enthralled the packed room but also highlighted why their music resonates globally. I love the fact that Spotify decided to bring a “K-Night” to Australia this week, putting Korean artists on the map in a creative way! Really happy to be part of the line-up with So!YoON! and JUNNY and love that the crowd appreciates Korean music. Sam Kim I believe culture exchanges happening offline are crucial, especially for Asian Pacific music artists to stand together and spread their music. So!YoON! One standout artist, Huh, an artist in Spotify’s RADAR program, stole the show. He demonstrated that South Korea’s musical influence is not limited to K-Pop; the country is rapidly becoming a hub for hip-hop and is birthing globally appealing talents. Huh’s performance left the crowd in awe, showcasing the expanding diversity of Korean music. I have loved seeing my music enjoyed in so many places around the world thanks to Spotify, so bringing K-Hip Hop to Spotify House next to fellow Hip Hop artists from here has been so cool. Really motivates me even more to grow as an artist! Huh South Korea’s music scene is so diverse, filled with hardworking and talented artists… As witnessed by our “Spotify House K-Night” and “Hip-Hop Showcase” at “SXSW Sydney,” we’re always looking for ways to showcase the wide range of Korea’s music scene, and will continue to do our best to connect more Korean artists to more fans and listeners worldwide. It has been so great to bring out some Korean artists to Spotify House, so they can perform for their local fans and be introduced to new audiences. The artists who performed at Spotify House – So!YoON!, JUNNY, Sam Kim and Huh – were so thrilled to be here. JungJoo Park, Spotify’s Head of Music, South Korea Spotify’s commitment to artist growth is unwavering, and they continue to foster music discovery through their platform. They curate editorial playlists like K-Pop ON!, KrOWN, Trenchill K-R&B, In The K-Indie and more.