South Koreans Are Terrified After A Man Tries To Break Into A Girl's Apartment Using A Wire

South Koreans Are Terrified After A Man Tries To Break Into A Girl’s Apartment Using A Wire

The case went viral.

South Korea may not be as safe as many think. While the country has one of the lowest crime rates globally, one must still be vigilant and careful. Just a few years ago, the nation was in an uproar after a man stalked a girl home and even tried to enter her house. Thankfully, he was too slow, and the door swung shut despite his attempts to stop it quickly.

Just recently, in Bucheon city, Gyunggi-do, a man tried to enter a girl’s apartment by slipping a wire through the space between the door and the door frame. As many digital locks in South Korea easily open from the inside, he tried to hook the door handle using the wire.

How the criminal tried to open the door. | theqoo

Thankfully, the girl was awake and at home. She quickly recorded the act using her phone for evidence before grabbing onto the wire. She questioned the man, who answered that he was from the real estate agency. To the girl’s knowledge, her real estate agent had already shut down his company and had not contacted her in quite some time. She then quickly called the police as the man fled the scene. The police are investigating the case and have already collected fingerprints for reading.

More images of the wire and door. | theqoo

The victim is unable to return to her home at the moment out of fear. The news is scaring many, especially girls who live alone in South Korea.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • My brother-in-law was alone at home in the daytime at my in-laws’ house, and this person tried to break the door down. Because my brother-in-law screamed, the person ran away. I wonder if they would have run if they had heard a girl’s scream instead. After we checked the CCTV, it was two guys pretending to give out flyers.
  • Wow, I got goosebumps f*ck.
  • Insane, f*ck. There’s no answer.
  • But I’m so dumbfounded that they think this is a problem limited to girls only. Do you think that elderly men’s houses won’t be targeted by burglars?
  • Digital locks won’t do. You have to install another physical lock.

The issue soon went viral, with over 4.5 million views on Twitter. Twitterians worry about having to install a secondary lock on their doors.

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