SM Entertainment Hit With Massive Backlash After "Abandoning" Fans, Leaving Red Velvet To Clean Up The Label's Mistake

SM Entertainment Hit With Massive Backlash After “Abandoning” Fans, Leaving Red Velvet To Clean Up The Label’s Mistake

SM Entertainment is being heavily criticized after telling fans the wrong location for Red Velvet‘s Inkigayo recording.

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On November 16, a post titled “Red Velvet Is Apologizing After SM 3.0 Gave The Wrong Location For The Pre-Recording” went viral. According to the author, SM Entertainment asked fans to attend Red Velvet’s Inkigayo recording at the SBS studio in Deung Chon Dong when, in actuality, the recording took place at the SBS studio in Sangam Dong. The two locations are about 50 minutes away from one another.

Map of Deung Chon Dong to Sangam | Rome2rio

In the post, the author uploaded several screenshots of Red Velvet members apologizing to fans after it was revealed that SM Entertainment advised the wrong location for the group’s Inkigayo recording.

Today was our first recording… And something occurred that we are so sorry about… Sigh, ㅠㅠ… I can’t believe this happened… First, I want to thank and apologize to the Reveluv who waited in the cold this early morning. This won’t happen ever again. We are taking this incident seriously, and in the future, we will carefully check so that Reveluvs doesn’t suffer because of us. Thank you again for coming to support us. Thanks to you, we were able to finish the recording well. The fan chants were the best!!!

— Seulgi

I heard that they gave the wrong location in Deung Chon Dong ㅠㅠ. I hope you guys didn’t wait in the rain… ㅠ. I think they were confused since the recordings usually take place in Deung Chon Dong. I am sorry ㅠ.

— Irene

You guys are going through so much this morning because of us.

— Wendy

We will let the label know so this never happens again. I know you guys were waiting really early this morning to see our first stage ㅠㅠ. I am seriously so sorry.

— Joy

And I heard that the label gave the wrong location today. I am so sorry.

— Yeri

Fans severely criticized SM Entertainment for their mistake. Many stated that they felt abandoned by the label.


Fans have gathered in Deung Chon Dong for Red Velvet’s 9 AM Inkigayo recording, but they (SBS) are saying they are filming something else…? The fan managers didn’t receive any notice, so we were all confused, but it turns out that the recording is in Sangam. F@ck, LOL. They said we were calling roll here before heading over to Sangam… WTF is this?

— Fan

Twitter posts from fans | theqoo
  • “They said to come to Gayang (near Deung Chon Dong), but then they were like ‘Sike! The filming is taking place in Sangam.”
  • “It’s not easy going to Sangam from Gayang… Are you going to reimburse our travel expenses 3.0 (SM entertainment)?”
  • “F@ck. They told us to come to Gayang when we should have gone to Sangam Dong. How can they be so bad at their jobs? It’s raining, and I’m getting pissed.”
  • “I’ve been abandoned in Gayang. What is this?”

Netizens also criticized SM Entertainment for having the members clean up the label’s mess while the label stayed silent about the issue.

  • “Why are the members apologizing for this? What is the label doing?”
  • “Sigh.”
  • “Why is SM using the members as a shield? The label should be the one apologizing.”
  • “How are they going to compensate the fans for their travel expenses?”
  • “The company is staying silent on the issue, LOL.”
  • “They still haven’t released a formal apology. This is legendary. SM 3.0 is all about staying silent and using their artists as shields.”
  • “Will it kill those crazy b@stards at SM if they apologize? They are seriously rude.”
  • “LOL. SM hasn’t changed since going 3.0.”

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