Singer-Songwriter Vince Drops His Latest EP “The Drive”

Singer-Songwriter/Producer Vince has just dropped his latest EP, “The Drive”, following the pre-release of his single ‘Get Out’ last week. The title track, ‘UUU’, stands out with its intense, passionate lyrics that teeter between pleasure and pain, building to a powerful rock-style chorus. Collaborating with industry heavyweights like Teddy Park and 24, known for their work with BLACKPINK, the song marks Vince’s emergence as a solo artist. The accompanying music video, featuring labelmate LØREN, showcases Vince’s instrumental prowess on guitar and piano.

“The Drive” is a culmination of Vince’s three-year journey, curated during his daily drives, reflecting diverse emotions and perspectives on love. The tracks from the albumoffer a unique glimpse into Vince’s artistry.

‘Work’ portrays a dark sensuality describing a romantic relationship with multiple underlying meanings, expressed through Vince’s sultry vocals. Collaborating with THEBLACKLABEL Producer, R.Tee, the song stands out with a harmonious blend of R&B and electronic sounds.

‘About you’ presents an atmospheric and cozy vibe as Vince croons sweet melodies over a chill beat, expressing his sincere feelings for a woman he desires.

‘GET OUT’ merges R&B and disco-based EDM, conveying a dual-message urging someone who struggles to break free from the past to “get out” and also come “with me.” The song’s charming and witty progression leads to a climatic drop, evoking an irresistible dance groove.

‘Like That’ strips down to a piano ballad, showcasing Vince’s raw and sincere side, as he serenades his beloved in a poetic manner.

‘UUU’ delivers powerful and dramatic lyrics, oscillating between overwhelming passion and a line between pleasure and pain, culminating in an emotional and cinematic rock-style chorus.

Check out the music video of ‘UUU’ here:

‘Emergency (Feat. Zion. T)’ is a trap-influenced R&B number that portrays rushing to help wherever needed, like an “emergency”. The track intensifies from atmospheric and relaxed tones to an urgent, extreme vibe, punctuated by blaring sirens. Zion. T, a colleague from THEBLACKLABEL, contributes unique vocals, completing the track.

‘MENNAL (Feat. Okasian)’ exudes a flirty and stylish dialogue-like scene between a man and a woman he instantly falls in love with. Vince showcases his vocal versatility, transitioning between rap-singing and pre-chorus falsetto, while Okasian matches the track’s wit with a rap verse.

Vince’s latest EP, “The Drive”, encapsulates a rich tapestry of emotions, offering a diverse musical journey that showcases his versatility as an artist.

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