Shocking Footage Of A Korean Woman’s Assault By Popular Male Livestreamers Leaves The Country Shaken

On March 14, a shockingly disturbing video uploaded by a YouTube channel named Detective Caracula left Korean netizens stunned. In the video, a male live streamer can be seen physically and sexually assaulting a female streamer while she appears to be barely conscious.

The footage came in four days after the woman in the video, known by her internet alias “BJ Assemblyman,” came forward with the testimony of her assault and exploitation by popular male streamers. On March 10, Detective Caracula uploaded a 13-minute-long video of Adung (whose real name is Ms. Roh) testifying that she had been tricked and blackmailed into becoming an adult streamer by some popular male BJs (broadcasting jockeys).

Ms. Roh’s video testimony

According to her testimony, in  November 2021, she was contacted by a man named Nam Sang Gyu on social media while she was working a desk job in Gyeonggi-do. He told her that if she agreed to appear as a guest on a live broadcast, she could make more than ₩100,000 KRW (about $77.10 USD) in a day. As a single mother, Roh could really use the extra cash, so she agreed to the deal.

But once she arrived at Nam’s studio, she was made to sign a contract hastily without much explanation. Nam is a well-known adult streamer who goes by the alias of Jjangubut since she was unfamiliar with the world of internet broadcasting, Roh didn’t realize what she was getting into. Once the livestream started, Nam offered her beer, which was allegedly spiked, making her lose consciousness. Then, Nam sexually assaulted her live on the broadcast.

Nam Sang Gyu | @namsang___/Instagram

When Roh wanted to seek the police’s help in this matter, she was told that she’d have to pay the contract violation fee, and they also threatened to spread the video of her assault on porn sites and share it with her friends and family on social media. Terrified and ashamed, Roh gave in to Nam’s threats and continued appearing on multiple broadcasts as he directed her.

Roh also shared that the second time she was assaulted on live broadcast was at the hands of Yoon Eun Bae (known as BJ Yoon Heo Sae and BJ Yoon Ga Ho). Nam gave Roh another address in Gangnam, asking her to come over for another livestream if she wanted to stop the first broadcast’s video from spreading on the internet. When she arrived at the place, Yoon had already turned on the livestream. He offered her beer, but she refused, and a furious Yoon threatened to leak her assault video again. Roh gave in, and she lost consciousness once she drank the beer. Later, she found the video of her being assaulted by Yoon on porn sites from overseas.

Yoon Eun Bae on a broadcast | YouTube

Nam Sung Gyu also introduced Roh to Kim Eun Woothe CEO of an entertainment company called KN ENM. Kim persuaded Roh to sign a new contract with his company and continue working as an adult streamer. By February 2022, she was moved to an employee accommodation facility provided by KN ENM, where she was subjected to even more indignity and psychological stress. She was able to escape from the facility in April 2022 and filed a civil complaint against the company in May, followed by a criminal complaint in June.

Kim Eun Woo | @bjkew/Instagram

After Roh publicly testified of her alleged assault, Kim Eun Woo shared an official statement on his Instagram claiming that Roh was lying and she participated in the live broadcasts at her own will. He also claimed that the company gave her a lot of money for her living expenses, plastic surgeries, and pocket money while she worked for them. Because of this statement, Roh was attacked by hate comments calling her a “gold digger” on the broadcasting channel.

But the contract Roh was made to sign got revealed by news outlets, and it was evident that she was coerced to sign an unfair deal. This was followed by the video evidence of Yoon Eun Bae assaulting Roh on broadcast, uploaded by Detective Caracula.

In the video, Yoon can be seen hitting her multiple times, spitting on her face, touching her breasts, and orally sodomizing her while she is in an almost unconscious state. Both his words and actions throughout the video clip are incredibly violent, and at one point, he even admits if he were not on air, he would’ve punched Roh.

The video has caught the public’s attention, who are shocked and disgusted to witness such levels of brutality. The issue has already caught wind on online forums, and many are calling for the media to cover the issue and help Roh get justice.

| theqoo

  • “I have never thought like this before, but after the SBS fiasco yesterday and now seeing this, I feel like women shouldn’t live here. I’m disillusioned about this country.”
  • “Ah, I feel like throwing up. Isn’t it very obvious that what’s happening in the video is a crime?”
  • “Wow, I couldn’t even watch 30 seconds and turned it off…This is really horrible…I really hope the case gets publicized, but on the other hand, I can’t even ask others to watch the video because it’s that vulgar and difficult ㅜㅜ. I hope those guys are caught and severely punished, and the victim gets help to pull her life together.”
  • “I can’t watch it…ㅠㅜㅜ What a bunch of crazy people…”
  • “Insane.”
  • “He’s a father of a child??”

| theqoo

  • “I saw that person’s Instagram who had uploaded a post saying it was all a lie. There were pictures of his family, but he also does YouTube.”
  • “We need to put these b*stards to death.”
  • “Guys, I feel like puking…What the hell is that crazy video? My hands were shaking so much I couldn’t watch it all and had to turn it off. We need to put those people in prison and let them rot there.”
  • “I’m gonna throw up, really. You crazy freaks, get a grip! How can you say she did it willingly, even after watching the video? Don’t live your life like that. If you have to be skeptical, at least keep your comments neutral. How could you call her a gold digger? You guys are not even human.”
  • “Shouldn’t they be punished so that they can’t do adult broadcasts like that? The world has really gone crazy. How is this any different from the Nth room?”
  • “I came back again because I’m so angry. The platform, the viewers, the BJ, all of you f*ckers should go die.”
Source: Detective Caracula and Ilyo

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