SHINee's Key Addresses The Shirtless Instagram Photo He Wasn't Aware He Posted

SHINee’s Key Addresses The Shirtless Instagram Photo He Wasn’t Aware He Posted

The post had netizens convinced he was hacked 😂

SHINee‘s Key recently participated in an interview where he went undercover on some of Korea’s most popular community boards, including TheQoo and Instiz. While searching the web, he addressed some of the trending results and topics about himself.

SHINee’s Key | @bumkeyk/Instagram

Key is known for his candid and playful personality, which made the unique interview even more fun.

The SHINee member didn’t hold back as he reacted to the various topics Shawols (SHINee’s fans) posted about him.

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Key came across one Shawol’s post, which wrote about the SHINee member’s habit of staying covered up.

They noted how he was always careful about not showing any skin but felt he had recently changed “quite a lot.”

The fan specifically referenced a shirtless photo Key posted of himself on his personal Instagram.

Key was taken aback by the comment, not recalling the Instagram post as he clicked on the provided link for proof.

Key responded to the shirtless photo, admitting he didn’t remember posting it while hilariously adding, “There’s nothing to see, but many people seem interested.

As he read through the comments on the older Instagram post, he noted that many fans wondered if his account was hacked.

When asked if something made him change his mind about showing skin, he revealed he didn’t feel very confident about his appearance or body when he was younger.

These days, he realizes he doesn’t really care about whether he shows skin or not.

During the interview, SHINee’s Key also spilled on the unexpected topic fans approach him about during fansigns.

Check out more on that in the article below!

SHINee’s Key Exposes The Unexpected Topic Fans Ask Him About At Fansigns