Shin SaeKyeong, captured in a moment of crisis! A fierce development forecasted until the end of “Captivating The King”

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With only 4 episodes left until the finale, tvN’s talked-about series “Captivating The King” has caught the attention of viewers with the protagonist Shin SaeKyeong bleeding and losing consciousness. This drama depicts the cruel fate of Kang MongWoo (played by Shin SaeKyeong), who becomes a spy, a ‘Sajak’, to bring down the king Lee In (played by Cho JungSeok) who has risen to a high position. In particular, this fictional historical drama, based on imagination, explores the secretive world of the spy ‘Sajak’, captivating the home audience.

Maintaining its position in the top ranks of the Netflix Global TOP 10 Non-English TV category for 4 consecutive weeks, “Captivating The King” recently heightened the tension with an assassination attempt on Lee In along with Kang MongWoo’s moment of crisis. The complex emotions of Kang MongWoo towards Lee In and the unpredictable events happening between them have captivated the viewers.

The released stills show Kang MongWoo covered in blood, unconscious and lying down, and Lee In nursing her with a tender gaze by her bedside. This reveals Lee In’s deep affection and earnest heart towards Kang MongWoo, showcasing the complex relationship between the two.

Especially, the drama amplifies curiosity about the broadcast through Kang MongWoo’s life-and-death crisis moment and the potential failure of her plan to assassinate “the King” Lee In. Furthermore, anticipation is growing regarding whether the romance between Lee In and Kang MongWoo will conclude with a happy ending, and what kind of development the changing relationships around them will undergo.

The production team shared, “As Kang MongWoo stands at the crossroads of life and death, the romance with Lee In will become even more intense,” and “the changing relationships around the two will unfold with a refreshing development,” promising a drama completion that viewers cannot take their eyes off until the end.

The remaining 4 episodes of “Captivating The King” are scheduled to be broadcast tonight at 9:20 PM, KST. What kind of ending will this drama meet? Viewers’ expectations and interest are focused.