"She's My Lifesaver" — GOT7's BamBam Reveals His Chaotic Encounters With MAMAMOO's Hwasa

“She’s My Lifesaver” — GOT7’s BamBam Reveals His Chaotic Encounters With MAMAMOO’s Hwasa

GOT7 member BamBam and MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa have some serious history, and fans are getting to know about it just now!

Hwasa (left) with BamBam (right) | @OfficialPnation/Twitter

BamBam’s popular YouTube show Bam’s House is back with its second season, and Hwasa appeared as the guest on its first episode.

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At the beginning of the episode, BamBam himself admitted that fans might think his guest might not have any previous connection to him. But it turns out that Hwasa was his next-door neighbor for four and a half years at his last residence!

BamBam revealed that his house was right across Hwasa’s. One of their awkward meetings was, therefore, while picking up food deliveries. They ran into each other unexpectedly while picking up their food on a day when both were  “not in a good condition.”

Since then, BamBam revealed he paused at his front door and listened if somebody was out there before opening it to receive his delivery. Hwasa, on the other hand, shared that she hurried back into her apartment every time she detected food delivery packets in front of BamBam’s door.

The two idols laughed at their own shenanigans, wondering why they both went to such lengths even though they were not awkward with each other. In another story, BamBam remembered how once he accidentally showed Hwasa a less-than-flattering appearance. He was waiting in front of the elevator sporting a grubby outfit with trash bags in his hand, and when the door opened, Hwasa was standing there with a full face. The GOT7 member had a hilarious reaction in the moment, and instead of greeting, he just spontaneously apologized to her.


Hwasa, on the other side, had a different impression. She said that seeing BamBam look cool even without any glam made her worried about what she would do if the situation ever reversed. But BamBam assured her that without makeup, her face brings out the girl-next-door vibe.

The next story the two shared was about a gift exchange that took four years to complete. BamBam revealed that he wanted to be on friendly terms with Hwasa as a neighbor and, hence, had gifted her champagne. But four years went by, and he didn’t get a response. Until one day, he received some seaweed snacks from her and a handwritten letter.

Hwasa explained that since she was very shy when she got BamBam’s gift, she was unsure how to return the gesture. It was on her mind for years before she got him some seaweed snacks and left them at his door. But even after months passed, the snacks were still at his door!

She later learned from their common acquaintance that BamBam was in Thailand then and couldn’t receive her gift. Hwasa took them back and gave him the gift again when he was back in Korea.

The most chaotic episode of these next-door neighbors was yet to come up. In a hilarious turn of events, Hwasa ended up having to save BamBam’s life!

Hwasa recalled the first time she visited BamBam’s place was when a common acquaintance suddenly called her requesting her to go over to his house. She was taken aback at this request, but the acquaintance explained that the GOT7 member had locked himself out on his own back porch and needed help getting back into the apartment.

The two broke into a fit of laughter, remembering the incident. Hwasa recalled that when she “rescued” him, Bambam was shaking from the cold. He explained that he was grilling mushrooms when the door suddenly got locked and joked that he would have been stuck there until today if he didn’t have his cellphone.

Who knew the tales of two introverted neighbors could be this funny?

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