"She Hit Lisa In The Face..." BLACKPINK Lisa's "Dangerous" Arrival At Incheon Airport Sparks Another Debate About Idols' Safety

“She Hit Lisa In The Face…” BLACKPINK Lisa’s “Dangerous” Arrival At Incheon Airport Sparks Another Debate About Idols’ Safety

“What is so hard about respecting her personal space?”

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa showed a happy and positive attitude at Incheon Airport, despite BLINKs anger at the dangerous situation she was faced with.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

On September 15 (KST), Lisa arrived back in Korea after spending some time overseas before the group’s shows in Seoul. In the photos taken by the media, Lisa looked happy to see fans and was radiating sunshine and positivity.

Yet, while Lisa looked positive, BLINKs and netizens couldn’t hide their anger at the situation at Incheon Airport. An ongoing debate has been about the safety of idols at the airport after the crowds greeting them get bigger and bigger.

While most idols get some time to compose themselves, as soon as Lisa walked through the doors, the crowds started pushing towards her.

It got worse as Lisa tried to walk as not only were fans getting very close to the idol, but attempting to throw their gifts at her. While they may have good intentions, some of the items being thrown could have seriously injured the idol. Yet, Lisa kept greeting them all and trying to take letters from fans despite the huge crowds.

As Lisa got further into the airport, it was clear to see that the crowds were getting worse as the staff around her had to keep pushing people away.

As she got outside, the situation was just as dangerous. With more room around Lisa, more fans tried to get near her and continued to get close to either take photos or “throw” gifts at her.

At one point, multiple toys were being thrown at Lisa and the shouts of her manager could be heard. It wasn’t surprising that Lisa had to take a deep breath as it had become extremely overwhelming.

Yet, despite the traumatic experience, Lisa continued to smile and greet fans even as she got into her car.

When the video was shared, BLINKs couldn’t stop sharing their anger at what happened to Lisa. While the idol seemed positive and tried to greet and receive gifts, it was extremely dangerous, and her manager, Won Jae, also had to help security keep fans away.

It seems like the topic of airport safety for idols continues to be a huge debate as crowds get bigger and it gets more dangerous.