SEVENTEEN’s First Week Of “FML” Promotions Finishes Off With Incredible Records

Their popularity just keeps growing!

It’s been a week since SEVENTEEN released their latest album, FMLon April 24, and in that time, the group has set records for themselves and for K-Pop as a whole!

SEVENTEEN | Pledis Entertainment

Most notably, SEVENTEEN has now set the record for the most albums sold in the first week, with over 4.55 million copies sold worldwide in that time.

Here’s a breakdown of their sales numbers for each day in the past week, which also shows their record number sold on the first day of release on April 24 (3.998 million copies).

Since the group debuted in May 2015, they show an almost entirely consistent increase in sales with each of their album releases, with FML far surpassing their past record, which was set with Face the Sun and its 2.07 million copies sold in the first week. In fact, FML more than doubles their past record!

SEVENTEEN mini-album and repackage album sales respectively over the years

The overall first-week sales record had previously been set by BTS with their Map of the Soul: 7 album, which was unsurpassed for over three years since it came out in February 2020.

Top 50 K-Pop album sales in the first week, prior to FML being added

This achievement was shared on an online forum, where fans are expressing their pride and happiness for SEVENTEEN and all that they’ve accomplished.

Congratulations to SEVENTEEN on this impressive milestone! We can’t wait to see what else they have in store for the future.

Source: The Qoo and Pan Choa