SEVENTEEN Literally Filmed In Outer Space For The "God Of Music" Music Video

SEVENTEEN Literally Filmed In Outer Space For The “God Of Music” Music Video

“SVT about to become the first group to have aliens as fans too.”

On October 23, SEVENTEEN released their latest album, SEVENTEENTH HEAVEN, along with the music video for its title track, “God of Music”.

Most of the music video was filmed in Budapest, Hungary, showcasing the beautiful landscapes and scenery of the country.

However, there’s one brief clip from the video that wasn’t filmed in Budapest. In fact, it wasn’t filmed in any country at all!

From about 3:13-3:20, the scene shows a disco ball microphone seemingly floating high in the sky above the ground, and then switches to it floating in outer space. And it turns out, this wasn’t achieved through green screen, but is actual footage taken for the music video!

| Sent Into Space

Pledis Entertainment worked with a company called Sent Into Space to get the takes, and they shared a behind-the-scenes look at the original footage on their Twitter account.

Fans are amazed that SEVENTEEN had the funds to use for such an undoubtedly expensive collaboration for such a short part of the music video. It just goes to show how much their incredible album sales numbers have allowed the K-Pop group to spend on their musical projects!

Some Carats are joking that SEVENTEEN will be the first group to have aliens as fans thanks to this footage!

We can’t wait to see how SEVENTEEN continues to expand their horizons and express their creativity in the future!