“September Is The Month Where You…” — BTS’s Jin Leaves Sweet Letter To ARMY About The Coming Fall

“September Is The Month Where You…” — BTS’s Jin Leaves Sweet Letter To ARMY About The Coming Fall

“September Is The Month Where You…” — BTS’s Jin Leaves Sweet Letter To ARMY About The Coming Fall

Here’s Jin’s advice for the fall.

BTS’s Jin is currently serving his time in the military, but he has left lots for ARMY to keep busy with in the meantime. Each month, he drops a themed video letter for fans! As we move into September, here’s his adorable note about the fall season.

Seokjin’s video transcript. | theqoo

#September’s Seokjin

Yes! Hello. ARMY, it’s now September. September is the month of reading, isn’t it? Right now, I’m at my schedules… You guys, September is here. September is the month where even horses gain weight. It’s the month of high skies and fat horses, is it not?

In September, you have to wear this sort of [trench] coat at least once, and look cool like this. And you have to lightly perch some glasses on, and read a book. How do I say this? It’s also the season where your heart is full. Read lots!

Is everyone doing well? Although it’s a bit far in the future for me, I’ll probably be doing well. What shall we eat in September? In September… It’ll be autumn! In autumn… You guys should eat lots of pork belly, meat, sashimi, and vegetables. Eat lots of good food, gain some weight, yeah. I hope you guys do that. And you guys have to be happy do that you can stock up on some stamina, such that when we come back, you guys can come to see our performances. You have to be strong to listen to music, right? I think that I could wish for nothing else if you guys can be strong and listen to our music when we create it.

— Jin

To be honest, what more is there? You guys come to see my faces every one or two months, and so I cut my hair a little bit. Every time I come to find you guys, it’s with a different topic, so I’d look too insincere if I look the same, hence my hair is different. It’s also not good to show you guys my ugly bare face whenever I work daily, so each time, I film these videos with a new look.

It would’ve been easier to talk about things in the past, but talking about the future… Yeah, anyway, I’m doing this now and filming lots of videos, and there’s plenty to come in the future, so I’d be thankful if you guys would come to watch even my face!

I’m preparing lots of things, so the concept each month will be different. That’s why I’m wearing different clothes and right now it’s “autumn.” Anyway, fighting for this month too! I’ll be back next time. Goodbye, everyone!

— Jin

You can listen to a snippet of his cute note below.