Seoul’s Bedbug Crisis Continues: Hotels Starting To Take Their Own Measures

Seoul’s Bedbug Crisis Continues: Hotels Starting To Take Their Own Measures

Seoul’s Bedbug Crisis Continues: Hotels Starting To Take Their Own Measures

“Guests should enjoy their stays without fear.”

Hotels and resorts across South Korea are taking matters into their own hands to control and prevent the spread of bedbugs amid growing reports of infestations nationwide.

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Paradise City, a popular resort near Incheon International Airport, and Paradise Hotel Busan said Tuesday they are implementing enhanced disinfection protocols across their properties to both treat current infestations and take preventive action against future ones. The hotels have introduced high-temperature, high-pressure steam sterilizers on every floor to kill bedbugs and other pests. They have also launched dedicated sanitation teams to conduct intensive, regular hygiene inspections in conjunction with pest control firm CESCO.

Based on comprehensive pest control manuals, the company is doing its utmost to ensure our guests can enjoy their stays without fear.

— Chun Young Eun, Communication Department team manager at Paradise City.

The hotels. | Paradise City

The resort conducts daily self-inspections of all guest rooms and public spaces, supplemented by weekly sweeps by CESCO technicians. Paradise City also holds pest control training sessions with CESCO to empower staff to swiftly identify and report any signs of bedbugs.

Our vacuum cleaners have HEPA filters to capture bugs, and we diligently check for clues like excrement and blood spots,” a Paradise City official said. “We regularly flip and inspect mattresses, and have intensified cleaning of soft surfaces in public areas, doubling the frequency of high-heat steam washing of items like sofa covers and seat cushions.

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To minimize infestation risks, Paradise City trains employees alongside CESCO to rapidly spot and report bedbugs. Workers also thoroughly inspect furniture, seal all cracks in walls and floors, and examine picture frames, and common hiding places.

Other hotels taking action include luxury resort operator Ananti, which sanitizes linens using high-heat steam at all seven of its nationwide locations. Ananti plans to roll out extra disinfection at its Gangnam property. Jeju Shinhwa World in Jeju Island is also implementing heightened cleaning, monitoring, and staff training.

The bedbug crisis started in the French capital, Paris. | BBC

Meanwhile, the Seoul city government said Tuesday it will denote bedbug-free lodgings on its tourism app Tmap Mobility later this month. The marker aims to give domestic and foreign visitors confidence in clean accommodations around the capital.