Sandara Park Praises Filipinos And Explains How Her Career Was Shaped By Them

Sandara Park recently sat down for an interview with GOT7‘s BamBam. At one point, she opened up about her love for Filipinos. As she grew up in the Philippines, it is a place that she holds close to her heart.

Sandara Park | ABS-CBN

She couldn’t help but praise the citizens of the Southeast Asian country, loving how they are a very friendly nation.

The culture there is everyone speaks and jokes around freely with people one sees for the first time so I think I became more I type of person when I came to Korea.

— Sandara

She walked down the memory lane and recalled the many drag queen shows she used to attend.

When I was in the Philippines, I went to bars like drag queen shows.

— Sandara

Filipinos have a reputation for being great at singing, and this was true in Sandara’s experience as well.

In the Philippines, everything is live. It’s all Celine Dion. Even men are.

— Sandara

It was because of this singing-filled environment that she dreamed of turning her passion into a career.

Looking at that, I grew my future dream. I thought about becoming a diva.

— Sandara

This ended up becoming her reality! After her stint in the ever-popular girl group 2NE1, Sandara turned to solo activities. She released her first solo album, Sandara Park, in July of this year.

BamBam: Your album this time is [Sandara Park], right? What do you want to do in the next album?

Sandara: In [Sandara Park], I showed my cute and bright side so next time, I haven’t thought about the name…but I have songs I want to include. I want to try to perform mature and bad concept on stage.

Check out the full video below to learn more about Sandara!