Samsung Releases Special Pre-Enlistment “Goodbye Message” From BTS’s Suga

Samsung Releases Special Pre-Enlistment “Goodbye Message” From BTS’s Suga

Samsung Releases Special Pre-Enlistment “Goodbye Message” From BTS’s Suga

Suga ends his “The Freestyle” promotions with a heartfelt message to ARMYs.

It’s already been over a month since BTS‘s Suga officially enlisted for his mandatory military service on September 22, and the BTS member seems to have made sure to leave plenty of content to enjoy while he’s away.

BTS’s Suga | @agustd/Instagram

Like his fellow members Jin and J-Hope, Suga quietly enlisted without fanfare at the request of the BTS member and BIGHIT MUSIC out of respect for fellow recruits and their families.

Before enlisting, he left a heartfelt message for fans on Weverse, sharing his parting lines with ARMYs at the forefront as he hoped fans would take care of themselves while the seasons changed.

Hello. It’s Suga.
I came to send my greetings!
I was able to safely come this far thanks to ARMYs.
And it’s finally time.
I will come back after faithfully finishing my service.
Please be careful as the seasons are changing to a chilly autumn.
Let’s all stay healthy and meet again in 2025!
ARMY!!!! I’m always thankful, and I always love you☺️

— BTS’s Suga

| Weverse

Along with his message, Suga also pre-filmed episodes of his fun musical talk show program, Sucwhita, releasing one episode with NELL‘s Kim Jong Wan on October 17 and teasing an upcoming episode with SHINee‘s Taemin, which will air on October 30.

BTS Suga’s “Suchwita” preview with SHINee’s Taemin | BANGTANTV/YouTube

ARMYs have also enjoyed continued pre-filmed content from Suga through his partnership with Samsung.

Suga has starred in a series of promotional videos for Samsung’s portable projector, The Freestyle.

Samsung announced on September 3 that they teamed up with Suga to promote The Freestyle, and it seems the promotions have already come to an end.

On October 28, Samsung posted a new pre-filmed video from Suga, announcing that he had a special “goodbye message” to share with fans “before his return in 2025.

| @SamsungTV/YouTube

Suga began the video by thanking fans and stating he was closing one chapter and beginning the next.

In theme with his The Freestyle promotions, Suga defined being “free” as “living life [his] way and finding [his] beliefs.

He concluded the message by hoping ARMYs find their “own version of freedom too,” again proving that ARMYs are always on Suga’s mind.

While Suga may have concluded his The Freestyle promotions, his Suchwita episode with SHINee’s Taemin guarantees hilarious new content for fans to enjoy soon!

Check out Suga’s full message for fans below: