Rising K-Pop Boy Band TRENDZ Drops ‘NEW DAYZ’ Single

The five years of training before the debut made TRENDZ a high-quality group full of talent. The releases proved to be more than special for the music industry and fans worldwide. With the debut in 2022, the boy group ended the [BLUE SET] saga with the release of ‘NEW DAYZ’, the septet’s most recent single.

Still considered a rookie group (a word used to refer to new groups in the K-pop industry), TRENDZ breaks patterns by building a strong narrative, elaborated through four releases: BLUE SET Chapter 1 – TRACKS; BLUE SET Chapter 2 – CHOICES, BLUE SET Chapter UNKNOWN CØDE, and the most recent BLUE SET Chapter ‘NEW DAYZ; two mini-albums and two single albums, respectively.

With a saga worthy of the Chungmuro (the name of the South Korean cinematographic industry), the group began its story with the debut song TNT (Truth&Trust), part of the mini-album TRACKS. The song shares a powerful message with the world: truth, confidence, and perseverance are the keys to success.

The title song of the second release, ‘WHO [吼]’, plays by using sound references to wolves and representing force through this figure of speech. The soundtrack helps build the main message of the releases by reinforcing the importance of courage to live.

Part of the chapter UNKNOWN CØDE, o single “Vagabond” says out loud “You can say I’m lost, but I’ll never give up on my path”. Besides the references to Neverland as something which must be overcome, courage and authenticity are synonyms that reflect the song. The geniality of the song belongs to the producer LEEZ, famous for his work with other K-pop artists such as ATEEZ and DREAMCATCHER.

The checkmate of the saga came soon after, with the most recent release: ‘NEW DAYZ’. With an urban beat, the song represents the narrative of breaking the status quo, facing your fears, and overcoming the city of dreams already sung by the seven members.

The songs released until now cross their paths and are part of a story about dilemmas and humanity issues. How to make choices, be loyal to one’s path, but also have space to get lost and have the courage to face life are some of the messages approached by the group.

Besides the songs, the members also exchange important issues with fans. For example, HAVIT points out that, for him, the memory he has about himself is more important than how others see him.

Despite the different tones, all releases echo the same idea: TRENDZ is a different group that conveys the necessary messages through its music videos, songs, and thunderous performances.

TRENDZ translated in high-quality poetry the issues that are inspiring and relevant to anyone, anywhere in the world. And this is the differential of the group that since its debut is a synonym of fresh air in the industry.

[BLUE SET] Chapter – ‘NEW DAYZ’ Tracklist:

  1. Nightmare
  3. Fantasy


TRENDZ (represents trends and innovation) is managed by Global H Media and consists of seven members: HAVIT, LEON, YOONWOO, HANKOOK, ra.L, EUNIL, and YECHAN. The group debuted on January 5th, 2022, with the single ‘TNT (Truth&Trust)’. Only a year later, the group released two mini-albums and is preparing to release the second single album, NEW DAYZ. In every release, TRENDZ shows its trendsetter position in the musical industry and conquers more fans and admirers worldwide.

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