Red Velvet’s Irene And aespa’s Ningning Wore The Same Dress But Served Totally Different Vibes

Red Velvet’s Irene And aespa’s Ningning Wore The Same Dress But Served Totally Different Vibes

Red Velvet’s Irene And aespa’s Ningning Wore The Same Dress But Served Totally Different Vibes

Hard to say who wore it best 😍

Fashion in the K-Pop world is not just about wearing trendy clothes — it’s also about channeling unique vibes that showcase an artist’s distinct personality. A testament to this is how Red Velvet‘s Irene and aespa‘s Ningning wore the same dress but radiated entirely different auras.

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Both stars chose to wear SHUSHU/TONG‘s exquisite mini dress from the brand’s Spring/Summer 2023 collection. A glance at the dress, and you’ll understand why it carries a price tag of over $1000. This piece isn’t just a dress — it’s a statement. The intricate design, the superior quality of the material, and the brand’s reputation in the fashion industry all add to its value. Yet, as we’ll see, the dress can tell very different stories depending on who’s wearing it.


Red Velvet’s latest teaser video featuring Irene for their upcoming comeback has set the internet on fire. Released at the stroke of midnight, the teaser managed to captivate audiences instantly, making rounds on all major social media platforms and Korean community sites. While Irene’s ethereal visuals and the mysterious aura of the teaser played a significant part in the sensation, her fashion was undeniably a focal point of the discussion.

Elevating the dress’s look, Irene paired it with a pair of SIMONE ROCHA Pearl Earrings, which retail for about $275. The overall vibe she gave off was hauntingly beautiful: eerie, gothic, and intense. The setting, with Irene laid out on traditional Korean bedding and her penetrating gaze into the camera, added layers of depth to her portrayal.

The mature, slightly unsettling feel contrasted with her flawless and elegant visuals, making it a memorable experience for the viewers. Such was the impact that fans and even non-fans expressed a desire to see Irene in a thriller film or series. She truly has a mesmerizing way of drawing viewers in.

On the other end of the spectrum, Ningning’s rendition of the dress painted a completely different picture. The aespa star donned the dress during her visit to China in June, where she graced the press conference of the Chinese TV Show The Next Stage 2023. Ningning, with her youthful charm, made the dress look playful, embodying the vibe of a cute Barbie doll.

Her choice of footwear, a pair of VIVIANO co-branded platform thick heels, further accentuated the playful and youthful charm she was channeling. The entire ensemble, combined with Ningning’s bubbly personality, made her look like she had just stepped out of a fairy tale.

Fashion is as much about the wearer as it is about the outfit. The same dress can tell a myriad of stories, all depending on who’s telling it. While Irene’s portrayal was mature, intense, and slightly eerie, Ningning’s was youthful, playful, and dreamy. Both stars showcased that it’s not about what you wear, but how you wear it.

Same Fit, Different Vibes