Production Team Of EXO's Show "Travel The World On A Ladder" Under Fire For Endangering Chanyeol

Production Team Of EXO’s Show “Travel The World On A Ladder” Under Fire For Endangering Chanyeol

He could have been seriously injured, or worse.

EXO fans are upset at the potentially dangerous situation that the production team of the group’s show, Travel the World on a Ladder, put Chanyeol in.

Chanyeol (EXO) | SBS

During part of a survival game that the members were playing, they each had to wear blindfolds to be brought to a location for the game. Chanyeol was the first to be escorted to his location, which turned out to be a rooftop terrace that had no fencing or other boundaries to keep someone from falling off the edge.

Chanyeol on the terrace while blindfolded

Being blindfolded on an unprotected rooftop is dangerous in itself, but what made fans even more concerned is that it appears that Chanyeol was left there alone without any staff members to look out for him. The footage seems to have been captured by a drone rather than a camera person.

Chanyeol himself appeared uncomfortable once he seemed to realize where he was, especially since he was waiting in his location the longest since he was brought there first before the other members. His reactions seem to indicate that he wasn’t given prior warning about where he might end up, leading to his visible concern.

Fans have been talking a lot about the incident online, expressing their worry for Chanyeol and their anger at the show’s staff for putting the idol in such a potentially dangerous situation.

Thankfully Chanyeol was unhurt during the event, but things could have ended up differently had he lost his footing or something else happened.

We’re relieved that nothing happened to Chanyeol, and we hope that situations like this don’t occur with any of the EXO members (or any other idols, for that matter) after the backlash it received!