Pregnant, But Make It Fashion — "Street Woman Fighter" Dancer Honey J Shows Off Her "D-Line" In A Fashion Magazine And Wows Netizens

Pregnant, But Make It Fashion — “Street Woman Fighter” Dancer Honey J Shows Off Her “D-Line” In A Fashion Magazine And Wows Netizens

The coolest pregnant woman we ever did see.

Street Woman Fighter dancer Honey J recently released a captivating and fashionable maternity photoshoot in Singles magazine.

Honey J | Singles

With a title that translates into “Honey J, Who Is Carrying Love,” the soon-to-be mother struck a pose in high heels and a black dress, leaning back and revealing the fullness of her baby bump.

Honey J | Singles

She also flexed her muscles, showing the audience the strength and power it takes to be a mother.

Carrying a heavy baby in her belly did not stop Honey J from being the cool and trendy self that she is—like in this picture where she is decked out in Salvatore Santoro, Alexander Wangand Dsquared².

Netizens were shocked and impressed by her photoshoot and commented saying, “I can’t believe this is possible for a pregnant woman who’s almost about to give birth,” and “She’s so professional.

| Naver Cafe

  • “Her stomach is big compared to her frame lol my stomach used to be like that as if I had twins, looks like she might have a son hehehe”
  • “Wow~ She’s so cool~ I should’ve taken a D-line photo like this lol”
  • “Wow… She’s so hip and cool. I love this concept.^^”
  • “It really is a D-line lol I feel like the rest of us have O-lines lol”
  • “Wowww~ This is so cool”
  • “It’s not easy for an almost-due pregnant photoshoot to look this good”

This is not the first time Honey J has impressed netizens with her collaboration of pregnant and cool. She had recently gained attention for dancing on stage while pregnant.