Popular YouTuber Surprises Netizens With Her Ultra Low Body Fat Percentage

Popular YouTuber Surprises Netizens With Her Ultra Low Body Fat Percentage

Popular YouTuber Surprises Netizens With Her Ultra Low Body Fat Percentage

“Even if it’s required for her work, it’s amazingㅠㅠ.”

In the world of consumable content, fitness has become among the most consumed media genres. Even K-Pop idols have dabbled in the content, like the many filmed working out with Kim Jong Kook.

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There are also many non-celebrities, such as Fitness YouTuber Shim Eunddeum (힙으뜸 on her channel), who share plenty of workout information and helpful demonstrations. 

| @euddeume_/Instagram

Her content, combined with how gorgeous she looks, has given her a platform of over 1.5 million subscribers on YouTube and over 750 thousand followers on Instagram.

It is easy to see how fit she is, but the content creator recently shocked netizens with her body composition results!

In the fitness world, one’s body weight is not the only measure of how fit a person can be. One of the most popular ways of determining a body’s fitness is through BMI index or body composition testing, which measures not only your weight but also your skeletal and muscle mass.

Sample body composition results | Inbody

During a Q&A on her Instagram, Shim Eunddeum responded to a person’s question asking about her BMI by posting her results chart and responding that her BMI for her weight and height was normal.

One thing netizens couldn’t help but notice was the body fat measurement section. According to her chart, the fitness creator only has 6.5kg (around 14.3 lbs) of body fat, making her percentage around 12.1%.

According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition and other sources, women, who on average will have a higher body fat than men, usually have 21% to 32% of their weight be body fat.

Weight: 53.6kg
Skeletal Muscle Mass: 26.2kg
Body Fat: 6.5kg

— Shim Eunddeum’s Body Composition results

Netizens were left feeling extremely impressed by her totals and her dedication to fitness.

| theqoo
  • Me envying her while eating late at night with alcohol,,, crying
  • She exercised since she was young, graduated from an athletic school, and continues to work in a field where she has to work out, so I guess it’s fine for her to live with her body fat index forever
  • That’s f*cking amazing… I ate 14 pieces of sushi and tempura shrimp. I hate myself ^_ㅠ
    I’m also 26% muscleㅠㅠ but my fat….ㅠㅠ
  • Wow it’s my first time seeing single digits. That’s f*cking impressive
  • I’m gunna lose weight like that
  • Wow how can you body fat percentage be that low??
  • Even if it’s required for her work, it’s amazingㅠㅠ
  • She’s a girl so having a single digit body fat percentage is amazing
  • Wow…