Police Reports The Results Of Actor Lee Sun Kyun's Drug Test

Police Reports The Results Of Actor Lee Sun Kyun’s Drug Test

He was taken in under suspicions of drug abuse.

Actor Lee Sun Kyun was recently involved in a drug scandal. He went to the police station on October 28, 2023, for his mandatory investigation.

Lee Sun Kyun Makes First Public Appearance Since Drug Abuse Charges

After undergoing the appropriate tests, he exited the station after a mere one hour. Lee Sun Kyun announced that he had submitted his phone for investigation and that he will continue to participate diligently in the investigations.

I have submitted my handphone today, and I have faithfully acquiesced to the requests that were required for the next formal investigation. They said that they would call me soon for the next investigation, and I will diligently answer that too. I’m so sorry for disappointing everyone who had been supporting me.

— Lee Sun Kyun

It was reported that his drug tests that day had come out negative. The police supplemented that the tests were not fully accurate as time had already passed. Drugs can pass out through the system naturally with sufficient time. As such, Lee Sun Kyun was also subjected to a hair test, which the results are not out yet. The hair test would boost the accuracy of the investigation. The police acknowledged that “as much time has passed, the results of the reagent test would not hold much meaning. We will send his hair samples, etc, to forensics for precise appraisal.

Lee at the station. | Hankook Ilbo

Stay tuned for more updates on Lee Sun Kyun’s case.