P1Harmony InTak’s Hilarious Reenactment That Should Earn Him An Acting Role

K-Pop music videos have iconic scenes that are absolutely mind-blowing in terms of cinematography and story. These scenes become screen captured, made into various gifs, and are replayed over and over again. While they might be extremely memorable, some music video moments seem practically impossible to replicate in real life.

Super powers like the ability to fly, space exploration, and even parallel dimensions are completely off limits in the real world. While this might be the case, that doesn’t stop some idols like P1Harmony’s InTak from trying their hand at reenacting the most impossible of scenes.

1. The Source Material

Last year in July 2022, P1Harmony came out with the MV for ‘Doom Du Doom’, their title track off of their 4th mini album “HARMONY : ZERO IN”. The song was extremely hype, with an addictive melody that kept your head bobbing until the very end.

One scene that captured the attention of fans everywhere was of InTak getting hit. Then with each punch, he produced coins from his body. As unrealistic as it might seem, many fans took to social media to talk about the scene’s meme potential. Many wrote comments jokingly asking to punch the idol for some spare change.

2. The Reenactment

While this scene might seem impossible by ordinary means, InTak, with the help of fellow member Theotries his best to recreate it at a recent fan meeting. By fans’ standards and ours, we would have to say his reenactment was a complete success! The more you watch it, the more hilarious it becomes. From the way Theo punches InTak to the way the coins fall to the floor, you can’t help but laugh at this meme-worthy moment.

If you haven’t already, watch the full music video to the scene in question down below!

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