“Nineteen To Twenty”: A Look Back On The 9 Powerful Moves Of The Female Cast

“Nineteen To Twenty”: A Look Back On The 9 Powerful Moves Of The Female Cast

“Nineteen To Twenty”: A Look Back On The 9 Powerful Moves Of The Female Cast

After high school, have you attended a school that teaches how to become an adult? If you have, then does your school also has a “No dating” rule? Because that’s what 19-year-old, SeYeon, JungHyun, SeoYeong, SeoHyeon, SangWon, HeeJi, JiMin, YeRin, JiWoo, and PyeongSeok had experienced for a week, before they turn twenty, when they joined Netflix’s Korean reality show, “Nineteen to Twenty.” Luckily, the “No dating” rule was lifted inside House 20. In House 20, they had a chance to go on a casual date or dream date with the person they like, and all the female cast have shown up their power moves that surely break double standards and stereotypes.


1. Support other girls: SeoHyeon and HeeJi

In the first episode, during lunch break, SeoHyeon complimented YeRin’s beauty and in episode eleven she sacrificed her date with JungHyun for JiWoo. 

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As for HeeJi, everyone agreed (during the “Nineteen to Twenty Reunion Special”) that they received help from her in their love affairs.


2.   Express her desire in front of everyone: YeRin and HeeJi

Both YeRin and HeeJi chose their crush in front of everyone when they were about to ride the ferris wheel. 

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Throughout the show, whenever all of them were together, HeeJi didn’t mind being seen following and sitting beside PyeongSeok.



3. Asks vulnerable questions: SeoYeong, YeRin, and JiWoo


“Is there anyone you like?” – SeoYeong to JiMin (Episode 4, English subtitle source: Netflix)


“I never even imagined that you would give me that book. So what gave you an idea?” (Episode 4, English subtitle source: Netflix)


“What’s your ideal type?” – JiWoo to JungHyun (Episode 7, English subtitle source: Netflix)


4. First to make a move: SeoYeong, HeeJi, YeRin and JiWoo 

 Although JiMin was the first one to verbalized his interest to SeoYeong (Episode 1), it was the latter who initiated a conversation between them by asking JiMin which club he was planning to join. 


Since PyeongSeok had a reserved disposition, HeeJi kept making a move on him. YeRin did the same once to PyeongSeok, when she said, “Me too,” with a smile. Totally a move, as she explained in her interview that PyeongSeok is her ideal type. 

The heavens was certainly on JiWoo’s side during her disco pang-pang ride with her classmates because she was able to slide down on JiMin. JiWoo, when asked by SUPER JUNIOR’s KyuHyun if that was on purpose, she did not hesitate to say yes (source: “Nineteen to Twenty Reunion Special“).


5. First to invite a date: SeoYeong, JiWoo, YeRin, and SeoHyeon

House 20 girls did not ‘Sit Still, Look Pretty’ (enter Daya) to wait for a date invitation; they secured it by themselves. SeoYeong was the first one to invite a guy on a date and she did it without a wing woman. You go girl!


JiWoo and SeoHyeon were smooth talkers when they invited JungHyun on a date.


YeRin can be “The Girl On Fire” of House 20 because she invited JiMin, PyeongSeok, and SeYeon on a date. 



6. First to confess: JiWoo, SeoHyeon, and HeeJi


“That you are number one in my heart.” – JiWoo to JungHyun (Episode 8, English subtitle source: Netflix)

“Would you be my boyfriend?” –  HeeJi to PyeongSeok (Last Episode, English subtitle source: Netflix)

“I wanted to tease you because I like you a bit.” – SeoHyeon to JungHyun (Last Episode, English subtitle source: Netflix)


7. Perseveres: HeeJi and SeoYeong 

“I wonder how long he’ll stay shy. I chose him because I wanted to hear him talk.” (Episode 4, English subtitle source: Netflix.) This statement of HeeJi shows her perseverance in breaking PyeongSeok’s wall, despite the latter’s reserved disposition.


Even though JiMin’s indifference during his ferris wheel ride with SeoYeong was obvious to the latter, she still asked him again, during girls ask boys, if he likes anyone. Why did she ask again? Well, this is what SeoYeong said in her interview, “When we were riding the Ferris wheel, I asked if he liked anyone. I thought that maybe he said there was no one because I was with him. So I asked him again anonymously.” (Episode 5, English subtitle source: Netflix)

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For a good reason, JiMin answered, “Honestly, I’m not sure,” (Episode 5, English subtitle source: Netflix) and SeoYeong’s expression was clearly disappointed. Perhaps, viewers assumed that would be the end of SeoYeong’s romantic feelings for JiMin. But no, there’s more! She sat across from JiMin during their first night at House 20. Later in her interview, she said with a little smile, “There were a lot of chairs, but I wanted to sit in front of JiMin, so that’s where I sat.” (Episode 5, English subtitle source: Netflix)


8. Quickly bounce back: SeoYeong

As soon as SeoYeong got back from her date with JiMin, she realized that her relationship with him will not progress. Yet she still sat beside JiMin and conversed with him while they were drinking with JiWoo and JungHyun in the living room. Fast forward to that night when JiMin was inside JungHyun’s room with YeRin, SeoYeong checked on them with a smile, entered the room, sat beside JiMin, and complimented him. 



9. Not regretting to like someone: SeoYeong

Viewers know how much SeoYeong suffered from JiMin’s indifference during their ferris wheel ride, girls ask boys, and date. Yet, SeoYeong did not hold a grudge toward JiMin. She even made him feel good during their one-on-one talk by telling the latter that she did not regret liking him. Surprisingly, in the “Nineteen to Twenty Reunion Special”, she still claimed JiMin as her ideal type during their relay of truth bombs.

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In the words of Beyonce, “Who run the world? Girls!”… Of “Nineteen to Twenty.”