News of BTS' J-Hope Appearing on "Jay Park's Drive" Divides Netizens And ARMYs

News of BTS’ J-Hope Appearing on “Jay Park’s Drive” Divides Netizens And ARMYs

“J-Hope should be held accountable…”

Earlier today Star News reported that BTS‘s J-Hope will be appearing as a guest on the KBS 2TV show Jay Park’s Drive. The news evoked a lot of reactions from Korean and international netizens, as well as ARMYs, who seem to have polar opposite opinions on yet another occasion.

Jay Park‘s program is essentially a show in which artists come to talk about music with stories that will alleviate the public’s concerns. It airs on Sundays at 10:55 PM KST, with J-Hope filming his appearance on March 7.

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J-Hope has just released his latest single, “On The Street,” and is currently promoting it through social media, and TikToks with his members and labelmates. Jay Park’s Drive will be his first variety show appearance during this promotional period.


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♬ on the street (with J. Cole) – j-hope & J. Cole

This topic seems to be yet another instance of Korean and international netizens being completely divided, with the two groups of fans expressing totally different sentiments online.

Korean netizens seem delighted by the news, with many posts on online platforms getting thousands of views and hundreds of positive comments. They seem excited about the episode and looking forward to the chemistry between J-Hope and Jay Park.

  • “I saw that fans were assuming it would happen, but it really did.”
  • “Wow, I’m all for them meeting. It’s so great, ㅠ.”
  • “Ahh! I love this so much J-Hope.”
  • “Oh wow, O bet it’ll be so fun.”
  • “Thank you J-Hope, I love you!”
  • “Let’s go J-Hope!” Wow, I’m so excited about it, ㅠ.”

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On the other hand, international ARMYs haven’t taken too kindly to the news, with some saying they will only watch it “for Hobi,” others saying they can’t support this, and some even refuse to believe it.

One major reason behind this upset among ARMYs seems to be Jay Park’s past comments regarding who “paved the way” for K-HipHop to become as big globally as it currently is.

This appearance has also caused another issue within the fandom, with Jungkook fans demanding ARMYs apologize to Jungkook. The phrases “ARMY APOLOGIZE TO JUNGKOOK” and “ARMY RESPECT JUNGKOOK” started trending on Twitter, as fans claim Jungkook got worse treatment from ARMYs for hanging out with Jay Park.

Some fans even claimed J-Hope and Jungkook should be held accountable for hanging out with a “racist islamophobe” — referring to Jay Park’s controversial lyrics.