NewJeans' Hanni Spills On The Members' Unexpected Backstage Conversations Before Big Events

NewJeans’ Hanni Spills On The Members’ Unexpected Backstage Conversations Before Big Events

Nobody could’ve guessed it from the way they are on stage…

NewJeans‘ Hanni recently appeared in a YouTube video on Harper’s BAZAAR Korea channel, answering various questions about her favorite makeup, current interests, and her first performance as NewJeans.

Talking about the group’s debut stage, Hanni gave an honest perspective of her feelings during that time. NewJeans debuted on July 22, 2022, with the single “Attention.” But it wasn’t until August 4, 2022, that the group made their broadcasting debut with Mnet‘s M Countdown, three days after the release of their debut EP, New Jeans. The group performed all three singles from the record, “Hype Boy,” “Attention,” and “Cookie.”

Right from their very first music show performance, NewJeans won the public’s heart unprecedentedly. But the moments leading up to the performance were nerve-wracking for Hanni.

I still remember it very well. I couldn’t sleep the night before. Since we did our first performance after all the music videos were out, the public had expectations. So, I had a lot of expectations too, and I was really nervous.

— Hanni

But she was also a pro since day one. Hanni said that her nervousness melted away when the music started playing. However, the non-performance aspect of their first broadcast was something she struggled with the most. She confessed that communicating with fans face-to-face was difficult for her initially.

I had promised myself that once the music turned on, my body would move on its own. I kept telling myself, ‘You have to trust yourself. You have practiced hard enough.’ So, when the music was playing, I wasn’t nervous. But before starting (the performance), I was very nervous to communicate with fans. I wanted to wave my hands but couldn’t. The producers told us ‘You can communicate with the fans’ and I said ‘Yes’ but I couldn’t even speak.

— Hanni

Hanni shared that now the members are more confident and don’t get as nervous before performances. But they still get butterflies when they perform at big events. This year alone, NewJeans played in front of huge crowds at festivals like Lollapalooza, Summer Sonic Festival in Japan, and Weverse Con.

Hanni said that before taking the stage at concerts of such a huge scale, the members are usually panicking backstage and cracking jokes to soothe their nerves.

During Lollapalooza and Summer Sonic, we were all at the back like, ‘What if I can’t go out?’ and ‘Unnie, then I’ll push you ahead.’ 

— Hanni

Despite the nervousness, Hanni confidently said that it never shows in their exterior during the performances. Judging by the impressive live performances the group delivered at all these concerts, it’s safe to say she didn’t exaggerate about NewJeans’ professionalism whatsoever!

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