Netizens Sympathize With The "Boys Planet" Contestant That Got 0 Votes

Netizens Sympathize With The “Boys Planet” Contestant That Got 0 Votes

Many people don′t even remember seeing him on the show.

Mnet‘s survival show Boys Planet has pushed some very bright talents forward, who have already managed to gain fans before even debuting. But on the other hand, there are some participants that don’t have the same spotlight or public favor, and one of those contestants recently became a talking point for Korean netizens for getting zero votes during the show’s latest episode.

According to the program’s format, audiences vote for their favorite contestants, which ultimately decides if they will get to move forward and win a place in the final lineup of the group that will debut in the end. Qiu Sheng Yanga trainee from Taipei, received no votes at all during the last episode. And Korean netizens agree that it is because of the unfairly short screen time he gets on the show.


A netizen posted about Qiu on a Korean blogging forum, pointing out how he has gotten a total of 2.1 seconds of screen time on the show altogether. When he got 0 votes from the audience, he was shown for only a few moments on the screen. And the only memorable scene that viewers got of Qiu was him talking to his mother over the phone as he teared up. The sequence also didn’t last more than 2 seconds.

The OP posted another scene from the show with Qiu in the background correcting someone who had mistaken kimbap for tteokbokki. This scene was not broadcasted on the show but was posted as a YouTube clip on Mnet’s channel.

Though the 0 votes must have disheartened Qiu, he still thanked everyone for their support under his fancam posted on Mnet’s channel.

Hello, I’m so happy to be able to leave a post like this for everyone! Burn it up!!
There might be people who are wondering why I’m wearing an eye patch, I got injured while practicing so I couldn’t show you at my best self. What a shame.
I wanted to show you guys how hard we were practicing in just a few minutes of this video
I’m still lacking in somg areas but I hope everyone will like me.
I was so happy to show you guys this video, I hope you’ll vote for me:)

—Qiu Sheng Yang

Many netizens seemed to sympathize heavily with this young hopeful, while they also criticized the politics of survival shows that often mistreat contestants.




  • “But he is handsome??”
  • “He doesn’t have the visuals of someone who would get 0 votes, though.. “
  • “ㅠㅠㅠ I’m honestly so upset.”
  • “There’s serious issues with screentimes. I hope he succeeds somewhere else…”
  • “I didn’t see this…my hearts really hurts ㅠㅠㅠ”
  • “Oh no.”
  • “He’s good-looking…”
  • “What the hell why does he look so cute…”
  • “When I saw he got 0 votes, I was so shocked and sad…they don’t even give him much screen time…”