Netizens Raise Further Suspicion About DKZ Kyoungyoon’s Link To The JMS Cult After Old Interview Surfaces

An old painting of his was referenced.

DKZ Kyoungyoon‘s family was recently accused of being associated with the horrendous JMS cult. The Netflix documentary, In The Name Of Godrecently revealed the cult’s misdeeds, including the rape of nearly 10,000 women. His family ran a cafe in the Kyungbuk suburbs. The problem was that the cafe was associated with a local church that was listed under a list of churches belonging to the JMS cult.

An official statement clarified that his parents did not know the church was part of a cult.

Dongyo Entertainment Responds To Claims That DKZ Kyoungyoon’s Family Was Associated With The JMS Cult

Netizens continued to doubt the truth due to his family’s close ties with Kyoungyoon’s pastor aunt. Kyoungyoon frequently brought up his aunt in interviews. Things worsened when netizens realized that the cafe operated on land owned by the cult. The cafe is also registered as owned by the cult, and cult members frequently meet there.

Up to then, fans still pushed to give Kyoungyoon the benefit of the doubt, claiming he was not directly related to the incidents.

New information has been dug up, with a past interview from Kyoungyoon gaining attention. Kyoungyoon explained that painting was a good way of relieving stress. When asked about his uncommon painting of a tree growing from a rock, he claimed it represented the desire to succeed.

Kyoungyoon’s painting. | theqoo

My mom advised me that you can have time to look back on yourself through painting. Recently, I tried painting something I thought would be meaningful to our members. It’s a painting of a tree growing from the top of a rock. It’s not easy for plants to grow from a rock. The painting contains the meaning that DKZ, too, will show how we started from the bottom but have grown resiliently.

— Kyoungyoon

It was immediately compared to the unique tree that grows from a rock in Wolmyungdong, Chungnam. Wolmyungdong is JMS’ president Jeong Myung Seok‘s hometown, where he created the cult’s headquarters. He even used the uncommon occurrence of the tree sprouting from the rock to “prove” to people that he was the Messiah, claiming that he created the miracle.

The tree growing from the rock in Wolmyungdong. | theqoo

Netizens expressed their intense worry and suspicion.

| theqoo

  • “Gasp…”
  • “It doesn’t matter if they have left the church or not. To save the group, they have to withdraw him.”
  • “Makes me puke.”
  • “Isn’t it certain at this rate?”
  • “It’s a definite lie that he didn’t know, but I thought that maybe he couldn’t stop his parents despite knowing that they were part of a cult, so he just let it be, but this…”
  • “If it’s to this extent, I don’t think they could leave the church even if they wanted to. Just withdraw from the group.”
  • “He really went around making it obvious, huh.”

Dongyo Entertainment has yet to give any further statement.