Netizens Defend Red Velvet Joy’s Recent Visuals Using “Backhanded” Comments

Netizens Defend Red Velvet Joy’s Recent Visuals Using “Backhanded” Comments

Netizens Defend Red Velvet Joy’s Recent Visuals Using “Backhanded” Comments

Joy’s looks have been targeted time and time again.

As of late, Red Velvet Joy‘s appearance has been a topic of discussion online.

Red Velvet’s Joy

The idol, who has always been gorgeous, spoke about her weight at an event following criticism. Most recently, however, the focus has been placed on Joy’s facial appearance, particularly her eyelids.

Fans Enraged After Red Velvet’s Joy Mentions Her Weight Again

After some going-to-work photos in January 2024, the idol faced allegations of getting double eyelid surgery as fans stated there were other possible reasons for her change in appearance. She also loosely addressed with fans, telling them she felt okay and to not worry about her.

Another set of Joy’s going-to-work photos recently gained attention online.

In these photos, like the previous ones, Joy’s eyelids appear to be matched and a bit larger rather than uneven like they usually are, resulting in some negative comments.

In a post questioning her appearance, netizens defended the idol, assuming that she had gotten work done and that it was not yet done healing.

| pannnate
  • Everyone on Nate Pann is ALWAYS hating on idols no matter what. There’s no intelligence here at all. If idols get their eyelids done, Nate Pann’s like, “Oh, it looked so much better before.” At least let the eyelids heal and lose the swelling first, though.
  • Well, they’re probably really swollen if they were done. So… Maybe stop judging based on the pictures. Use your brains.
  • I don’t get why people are calling it a botched job… Don’t they understand that eyelids need time to heal for the swelling to go away? For f*ck’s sake, do you all not have any cognitive abilities?
  •  It’s going to be fine once the swelling goes away. She’ll look great. These Nate Pann b*tches need to sit down and stop hating. I’m sure your faces are much more horrendous. LMAO.
  •  Why are y’all worrying about Joy’s face? You’re literally not in the position to do so. And she looks fine in her video call fan meetings. Haha. Also, keep in mind that these are press photos, and they’re never flattering to anyone. Of course, she’s not going to look her best in them. Her eyelids are still swollen, so it’s obviously too early for anyone to call them botched.

International fans also defended the idol, calling netizens’ comments “backhanded” since they made assumptions about her look being “botched.”

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