Netizens Amazed By aespa Karina’s Perfect Figure And Visuals In New Krush Beer Ad

Karina of aespa is known for her undeniably gorgeous visuals…

…as well as her impressive physique!

That’s why she was the perfect choice for a brand new Krush beer ad.

Karina (aespa) | Krush Beer

She showed off her tiny waist…

| Krush Beer 

…modeling prowess…

| Krush Beer

…and stunning good looks!

| Krush Beer

However, according to netizens, her photos came out so beautiful that it looked more like her own pictorial than an advertisement for a product!

  • “At this rate, this isn’t even a beer commercial anymore. That’s just a Karina ad and her closed-up face is freaking pretty”
  • “Freaking pretty lol”
  • “I like the last picture, crazy”
| Nate Pann
| Krush Beer

You can’t blame them for falling for Karina’s visual power with her flawless skin, small face, and perfect face shape.

| Krush Beer
| Krush Beer

She adds an air of glamor to Krush beer…

| Krush Beer

…and combined with her gorgeous pics, she’s the perfect model!

| Krush Beer
Source: Nate Pann


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