NCT’s Johnny Jokes About Fans’ Dislike Of SM Entertainment

NCT’s Johnny Jokes About Fans’ Dislike Of SM Entertainment

NCT’s Johnny Jokes About Fans’ Dislike Of SM Entertainment

Some were shocked that he mentioned the company!

Throughout the K-Pop industry, one thing that fans of different idols have in common with each other is their dislike of their idol’s entertainment company. While there have been many companies, one with a long history of upsetting fans with its actions is SM Entertainment.

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From the numerous legal battles the company has faced to accusations of overworking idols and poor management of schedules, fans of almost all groups, like Red Velvet, under SM Entertainment, have protested against the company on at least one occasion.

With NCT 127, the same can be said — the company recently came under fire for posting what appeared to be Taeil’s leg injury in a teaser photo for the group’s recent comeback.

SM Entertainment Under Fire For Allegedly Exposing NCT Taeil’s Motorcycle Injury In Now-Deleted Teaser Image

Fans have often wondered if idols know the grievances against the company, and a joke made by NCT’s Johnny during a livestream hinted at exactly that!

NCT’s Johnny | Mnet

NCT 127 have been busy preparing for the start of their third world tour, Neo City: The Unity. Before heading to numerous countries, the group will begin the tour with six nights of performances in Seoul.

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During a break, the group decided to do a Weverse live stream, where there seems to have been some lagging due to slow internet reception. Johnny noticed that fans were blaming SM’s wifi, despite not being at SM, and made a hilarious comment about viewers disliking SM.

Johnny: I think they just don’t like SM.
Taeyong: Why?
Johnny: Anyone can see we are not at SM but they’re saying “no wonder, [it’s] SM’s wi-fi.”

Fans found Johnny’s “acknowledgment” of their dislike of SM hilarious.