NCT Lucas's Fans Demand An Official Statement From SM Entertainment

NCT Lucas’s Fans Demand An Official Statement From SM Entertainment

“Chris Lee really posted Lucas pics for clout and now…”

NCT‘s Lucas has been on an indefinite hiatus and has mostly stayed out of the public eye since gaslighting accusations were made against him in August 2021. As a result of the allegations, Lucas halted all activities, but he recently appeared in two updates that have given fans hope he will be making his return as an idol soon.

NCT’s Lucas

First, the idol appeared in the NCT reality show welcome to NCT universe in a montage of all 7 WayV members.

Lucas’s inclusion in the show gave hope to many fans eagerly awaiting his return as an idol.

More recently, Lucas was tagged in a now-deleted Instagram post with SM Entertainment‘s co-CEO Lee Sung Soo (also known as Chris Lee), which was met with mixed reactions from netizens.

| @chris_lee_sm/Instagram

Some fans voiced their excitement at the seemingly-imminent return of Lucas.

While other netizens voiced their concern, not wanting to see Lucas return to being an idol due to his previous allegations.

| Nate Pan

  • “Why did you leave this out? He bought a kitten for his girl but got rejected and threw it to WinWin. It’s legendary.”
  • [WinWin: “I bought cat products at a cat store!”]
  • “He’s really… He even badmouthed his fellow members behind their backs, so that’s why Korean fans turned their backs on him. It’s been a long time since he’s been left alone, and even the Chinese Bars (fansites) all blew up, so just how are they going to bring him back? Fans will just get mad and it’ll be another obstacle for new fans to join. I think it’s because of SuperMbut if SuperM is gunning for Billboardis it really right to include him? I don’t get it.”
  • “I went to see the post and the number of likes were shocking… Should I say that the expressions on the faces of the CEO and Lucas gave me the creeps? Like no matter what you guys do, it won’t matter… That sorta… And how are the number of likes possible? Just how many i-Roaches are there?”

Lee Sung Soo has continued to support Lucas, commenting on Lucas’s Instagram updates publicly.

But Lee Sung Soo’s recent interactions have actually been receiving criticism from Lucas’s fans, as they believe that SM Entertainment owes them an official statement about Lucas’s future as an idol.

Of course, SM Entertainment is in the middle of an M&A with MOVESwhich SM Entertainment’s co-CEOs and employees have all spoken out against. This legal situation impacts SM Entertainment’s artists, as SHINee‘s Key has spoken about.

Similarly, SM Entertainment is beginning “SM 3.0,” the latest plan to improve the company. These plans include a significant change to NCT: stopping the infinite expansion system. So understandably, these changes could impact SM Entertainment’s plans for their artists.

But fans also point out that part of SM 3.0’s plan is to better protect their artists, which fans argue SM Entertainment failed to do for Lucas.

Fans are currently trending #SM Give Us A Statement, demanding the company give a clear statement about the allegations surrounding Lucas and inform fans about what SM Entertainment has planned for his future.

Especially since Lee Sung Soo is soon resigning as CEO of the company, fans are concerned that the co-CEO is simply using the idol for clout.

As of the time of this article, there is no official update from SM Entertainment.