Nation’s “First Love” Singer And Actress Reveals She’s Actually A Boyfriend Who Makes You Cry

One of Korea’s most treasured singers and actors, Suzyis known as “the nation’s first love” for her sweet and pure image.

Starting as a member of the K-Pop group Miss A and eventually becoming a renowned actress, she showed the world that she was a triple threat who could sing, dance, and act flawlessly.

On March 30, Suzy was the ninth guest on Jo Hyuna‘s show Everyday Is Thursday Night and the two shared moments from their long friendship while sipping on some lemon soju.

Jo Hyunah, a member of the group Urban Shoesshared that she and Suzy first met around ten years ago, and it was Suzy who approached her first. Suzy had been a fan of Jo Hyunah, so she confidently reached out first and asked to hang out, which impressed Jo Hyunah.

Then Jo Hyunah shared three “boyfriend moments” Suzy was sweet to her like a good boyfriend.

1. Rides and Coffee

The first was how Suzy always drove Jo Hyunah to and from places. Suzy even went out of her way to pick Jo Hyunah up at her house when they were supposed to meet at Suzy’s house. A humble Suzy joked that it was because she was impatient and needed to make sure Jo Hyunah would come.

Suzy also revealed a fun-fact that she has a bit of pride when it comes to her driving skills and gets angry about driving-related things.

Jo Hyunah also pointed out that when Suzy picked her up, there were always two coffees in the cup holder ready to go for them. Without even having to ask for it, Suzy took the extra step to prepare coffee ahead of time for her friend.

Suzy’s nonchalant response to her little acts of kindness shocked Jo Hyunah.

That’s nothing!

Jo Hyunah stated she loved the feeling when she would enter Suzy’s car and see that everything was prepared for her, and Suzy’s nonchalant response showed just how thoughtful Suzy is and how she really is an “ideal boyfriend.”

2. Birthday Balloons

Jo Hyunah shared the second “boyfriend moment” she had with Suzy. Knowing that Jo Hyunah loves balloons, Suzy prepared birthday balloons and decorated a wall full of them for her birthday. Jo Hyunah was so moved that she cried.

To this, Suzy responded in a nonchalant way, once again saying that she only did it because she knows Jo Hyunah loves balloons.

You really like balloons. I just did what you like.

3. Worries And Checks Up On Her

The third moment was on a day when Jo Hyunah was knocked out in the middle of the day because she was sick and sleepy. Because she was sleeping, Suzy couldn’t get in touch with her and started to get worried. So Suzy did what a worried friend would do: she asked around to find out if anyone knew Jo Hyunah’s passcode to her house—and she found it!

Suzy found a knocked-out Jo Hyunah lying on her couch with one house slipper on. She even brought soup for Jo Hyunah to eat, but seeing how deep in sleep her friend was, Suzy just cleaned her house a bit and then left to let her get some rest.

After laughing while remembering these cute “boyfriend moments” together, Jo Hyunah got deep and shared how much Suzy means to her—and Suzy had to go find some tissues.

She’s the best cheerleader of my life. When I was going through my hardest times, she was… I just thought to myself, ‘How would I have endured this if she wasn’t there.’

— Jo Hyuna

Jo Hyunah praised Suzy for being the same person as she was when they first met and asked her, “How is that possible?” To this, Suzy responded with a simple, “Because I like you,” which made Jo Hyunah burst out in tears again.

Suzy even posted this precious heart-to-heart moment on her Instagram with a picture of Jo Hyunah from her point of view.

Seeing Jo Hyunah’s real reactions show just how much the two care for one another. She even described Suzy in one sentence.

The unshakeable comfort, Bae Suzy.

After seeing these “boyfriend moments,” it’s clear to see how thoughtful of a person and good of a friend Suzy is. It’s no wonder she holds the title of being the nation or even the world’s “first love.”

Watch the full video of Suzy and Jo Hyunah here!

Source: Everyday Is Thursday Night