Nana Sets The Internet Ablaze After "Nana Marriage" Trends On Twitter

Nana Sets The Internet Ablaze After “Nana Marriage” Trends On Twitter

Netizens reacted in shock after “Nana Marriage” trended on Twitter.

Nana | @jin_a_nana/Instagram

On August 28, Korean Twitter was set ablaze after “Nana Marriage” trended on Twitter.

Nana marriage trending on Twitter | Twitter

Shocked fans quickly clicked to see what was going on. As Nana has never hinted that she was in a relationship, marriage news is surely a shock to fans.

Nana’s Marriage is trending on Twitter? Nana? Our Nana?

— @dodobboo/Twitter

Fans, however, realized the Nana in question wasn’t the former After School member but actress Na Ha Na, who announced her marriage on the same day.

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Netizens responded, with many expressing shock at seeing the idol trend on Twitter.

Ah, crazy. After seeing Nana Marriage on Twitter, I thought it was Lim Nana getting married and almost cried.

— @dudu47080/Twitter

Ah, I thought After School was getting married and was shocked as hell.

— @S2yoh9/Twitter

I was pretty shocked to see Nana Marriage trend on Twitter.

— @sxmmer_813/Twitter

I was shocked after seeing Nana Marriage trend on Twitter, thinking it was Mo Mi.

— @s_m_juuu/Twitter

Meanwhile, Nana is living her best single life (as far as we know)! The actor is currently receiving rave reviews for playing the character Kim Mo Mi in the hit K-Drama, Mask Girl.

Check out the K-Drama’s trailer in the link below!