mimiirose, The Future Powerhouse K-Pop Girl Group And Why You Should Be Their Fan If You Aren't Already

mimiirose, The Future Powerhouse K-Pop Girl Group And Why You Should Be Their Fan If You Aren’t Already

The K-Pop girl group mimiirose is a 5-member team under YES IM Entertainment and Totalset Entertainment. They made their debut on Sep. 16, 2022, with the single album “Awesome“, solidifying their team’s identity with the fitting name.

Their group name ‘mimiirose’ is a combination of ‘mimimi’ (미미미 in Korean) and ‘rose’ which means to bloom like a colorful rose by comparing layered petals on the inside and the beauty of the flower on the outside. Their fandom name, bloomiistems from this meaning and symbolizes how mimiirose will love and grow together with their fans like a rose.

They are the first K-Pop group that was formed under industry icon and vocal legend Lim Chang Jung‘s entertainment company, YES IM Entertainment. He once said in an interview that he has put his life and soul into producing and fostering the group. In fact, he even participated in the songwriting and composition of their debut album.

It must be surreal to become an idol under such an iconic and wise industry figure. Luckily for K-Pop fans, if you’ve been looking to become an idol under such an amazing company, there’s an opportunity just for you! YES IM Entertainment is currently hosting global auditions to find their next big idol artist! Read more about how to apply for YES IM Entertainment’s global audition in this article.

Back to mimiirose… Let’s get to know more about this group and what makes them so special in this article!

Meet the mimiirose members

Choi YeonJae

YES IM Entertainment

Birthdate: December 6, 2000

Age: 22

Position: Leader, Main Dancer

Instagram: @rozeyeon

Choi YeonJae is known for her fierce and cool charisma that lights up the stage whenever she performs.

Inn Hyo Ri

Birthdate: June 2, 2000

Age: 22

Position: Lead vocal

Instagram: @innstar0se

Inn HyoRi is known for her refreshing and lively vocal tone which melts the ears of everyone who listens to her sing.

Han Ye-Won

Birthdate: February 7, 2003

Age: 20

Position: Main vocal

Instagram: @yeh1on

In 2022, Kpopmap identified Han YeWon as one of the rookie female idols that have caught our attention with their vocals since their 2022 debut. You can read about it in this article.

Yoon JiA

Birthdate: January 16, 2004

Age: 19

Position: Main rapper

Instagram: @nxnjixa

Yoon JiA was a contestant on the survival show “GIRLS PLANET 999” and earned a lot of praise for showcasing her unique talents.

Seo Yunju

Birthdate: December 26, 2005

Age: 17

Position: Sub-vocal

Instagram: @yuun._.zu

Seo YunJu was a contestant on the survival show “My Teenage Girl” where she endeared herself to the audience by showing her outstanding skills.

Get to know mimiirose’s charm and talent

Vocals & Rap

The group boasts some of the best vocals among K-Pop girl group rookies at the moment. Their voices each have an individual charm that comes together in the most harmonious way. With a mix of honey-like and melodic vocals, they also bring stable and clear vocals to the table. It’s not common for a girl group that is still fresh in the industry to have such solid vocal skills, but we’re loving it.

This amazing vocal talent is not just reserved for the vocal line members either. Every single member of this group has a vocal charm that is hard to replicate. For this reason, their rap skills also boast an addictive quality with an impressive flow.

Their live performance of their debut title track ‘Rose’ on “it’s Live” is proof of this group’s outstanding vocal power. Check it out and give it a listen below or at this link.


Just when you thought that this group is impressive, they’ve got even more to offer. Not only is mimiirose a vocal/rap powerhouse but their dancing is just as spectacular.

The group boasts fun choreographies highlighted by their incredible chemistry and synchronicity. They have gorgeous dance lines, as well, that are so beautiful they’ve even released a silhouetted dance video to showcase it.

Check out their special choreography clip for ‘Kill Me More’ in the video below.

It’s clear that this group has a lot of potential to be the next big thing in K-Pop.

You can keep track of the group’s activities on their official channels:

Instagram / YouTube / Twitter / Members’ Twitter / TikTok / Facebook / Spotify

What do you think of the K-Pop girl group mimiirose? Will you be stanning them? Are you their fan already? Let us know in the comments!