Meet The Most Badass Female Bodyguards In South Korea

Meet The Most Badass Female Bodyguards In South Korea

Meet The Most Badass Female Bodyguards In South Korea

One of them is now a successful actress!

Like most countries, being a bodyguard is still a very male-dominated field in South Korea. But with time, the number of women in the industry is slowly growing. However, some prominent female bodyguards in the country have gained the public’s interest and encouraged more inclusivity in the field.

Here are some of the most badass female bodyguards in South Korea who are challenging the narrative of this profession:

Choi Seung Hui:

Choi Seung Hui | @seunghee_choi_1025/Instagram

Choi Seung Hui is an industry veteran, having worked as a private bodyguard since 1998. In fact, she is one of the first-generation female bodyguards in South Korea. In her long career, Choi has worked with elite clients, including Yuna Kim, one of the most celebrated Korean athletes.

Choi was a martial artist before becoming a bodyguard, with a Taekwondo skill level of 4 dan. She also attained licenses that qualify her to be an instructor and a judge of the sport.

Choi Seung Hui is a strong advocate for creating more space for women in this field and has brought a lot of awareness to the realities of the job through her appearance on the popular YouTube channel Asian Boss. She also openly addressed the issue of bodyguards being underpaid in Korea and expressed her hopes of resolving the problem by establishing her own agency someday!

Lee Su Ryeon:

Lee Su Ryeon was the first-ever female presidential bodyguard in Korea!

Lee Su Ryeon | Hancinema

Growing up as a tomboy, she trained in martial arts from a young age. In her own words, Lee applied for the job out of sheer curiosity but ended up getting hired by the Blue House. As a presidential bodyguard, she has guarded three Korean presidents, Japanese Prime Minister Abe, US President Bush, and royal families from 20 other countries!

| Nate Pann
| Nate Pann

Lee was also proposed to by an Arab Emirates prince, who wanted her to be his second wife! But she turned down the offer and pursued a career in acting instead. Her most notable projects include The Legend of the Blue Sea, Where Stars Land, The Penthouse 2, and Work Later, Drink Now 2.

TWICE’s Female Bodyguards:

As one of the top K-Pop girl groups, TWICE needs to be escorted by private bodyguards every time they step out in public. Fans have appreciated their agency for hiring female bodyguards for the group, and two of them became highly popular among fans in the past.

One of TWICE’s female bodyguards | Twitter
The other female bodyguard of TWICE who went viral for her visuals | Twitter

Though these women remain anonymous, how they protected the girls and were always so suave with it made ONCEs fall in love with both the bodyguards.


Kudos to all these women for bravely challenging the social bias against women in their profession and encouraging more young women to join the field!

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