MCND Announces 5th Mini Album "ODD-VENTURE", Set To Be Released November 22nd

MCND Announces 5th Mini Album “ODD-VENTURE”, Set To Be Released November 22nd

On October 30th KST, the 5 member band MCND (HuiJun, Win, MinJae, Bic, and Castle J) took to their official SNS (social media) platforms to announce and tease the image of their 5th mini album “ODD-VENTURE” after a booked and busy year. The album itself is set to release on November 22nd. 

MCND previously made their debut back in 2020 and survived the difficult time that many groups, artists, and entertainers faced throughout that year. Backed by their growing fanbase lovingly known as GEM, the group went viral within the K-Pop fan community with their lead single and debut EP of the same name, ‘ICE AGE’. This created a milestone for the new group, reaching upwards to 10 million views close to their debut date.

The debut itself stood out amongst the crowd with its hip-hop inspired track paired with a catchy chorus and impressive choreography for rookies. MCND continue with their unique individuality, becoming a favorite of many.

The group went on to release: “Spring” (Single, 2020), “EARTH AGE” (EP, 2020), “MCND AGE” (EP, 2021), “THE EARTH: SECRET MISSION Chapter 1” (EP, 2021), and most recently, “THE EARTH: SECRET MISSION Chapter 2” (EP, 2022). Throughout their releases the group has proven their ability to adapt to various genres and input them into the group’s music.

MCND also surprised their fanbase with an announcement from last month about their own fan curated platform created just for GEMS, at b.stage.

With the numerous song genres the group can pull off and live dance practices, the attitude they have towards GEM is clear and their desire to prove themselves as artists within every release and promotion. Don’t forget to check out MCND on your favorite streaming platform to catch up before their November 22nd release. 

Check out the teaser image for the new comeback, including their last MV here. 

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