Manifestation King: 5+ Times 2PM Lee Junho's Wishes Came True

Manifestation King: 5+ Times 2PM Lee Junho’s Wishes Came True

Whatever 2PM‘s Junho (also known as Lee Jun Ho) wants, he gets (even if he has to wait over a decade for it)! Is he a manifestation king? One thing’s for sure: he is a king!

2PM’s Junho | JTBC

Check out 5+ times Junho’s wishes came true…

1. Performing at Nippon Gaishi Hall

At the 2022 Asia Artist Awards, Junho said he wanted to perform at the Nippon Gaishi Hall in Nagoya, Japan, which he recently did during his solo arena tour!

2. Performing with Girls’ Generation’s YoonA

Junho used to be jealous of his fellow 2PM member Taecyeon for getting paired with YoonA for collaboration stages and more. Finally, over a decade later, Junho did a couple’s dances with her twice and has now starred in a romantic-comedy K-Drama, King the Land, with her!

3. Stargazing with YoonA

When Junho and YoonA were MCs at MBC Music Festival, he asked her if she wanted to go stargazing. In King the Land, their characters looked at stars together.

4. Big Mouth‘s success

While rehearsing with YoonA, he wished that YoonA’s upcoming K-Drama, which ended up being Big Mouth, would be successful. A year later, he presented YoonA with the “Top Excellence Award” for her role at the 2022 MBC Drama Awards.

5. King Junho

Junho used to say often he wanted to be a king. In The Red Sleeve, Junho played the King of Joseon, and in King the Land, he played the heir of the King Hotel.

6. Showering with his significant other

Junho previously said he’d like to shower with his wife. In King the Land, his character, Gu Won, kisses Sa Rang (YoonA) under sprinklers.

7. Kiss while eating

Junho once said he’d like to share a kiss with a chocolate. In King the Land, he and YoonA kiss while eating radish.