MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Got A “Reality Check” During Her “Maria” Promotions Amidst Unwarranted Hate

MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Got A “Reality Check” During Her “Maria” Promotions Amidst Unwarranted Hate

MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Got A “Reality Check” During Her “Maria” Promotions Amidst Unwarranted Hate

“I only had a stage to release my anger…”

During the recent episode of tvN’s Dancing Queens On The Road on June 8, the star-studded cast of Kim Wan Sun, Um Jung Hwa, Lee Hyori, BoA, and Hwasa got unexpectedly raw about the realities of being a performer.

The cast of “Dancing Queens On The Road” in the June 8 episode

Though these divas won the nation’s hearts during their heyday and continue to be iconic figures in the K-Pop industry, they shared that the glory only lasts until they get off the stage. Kim Wan Sun said her self-confidence plummeted after stage performances because she was always scolded or criticized instead of receiving praise.

Kim Wan Sun on “Dancing Queens On The Road”

What’s really sad is that I’ve never heard a compliment. I always got in trouble when I came down from the stage. So I’ve never had confidence.

—Kim Wan Sun

BoA empathized with Kim, tearfully mentioning similar experiences from her professional life.

BoA on “Dancing Queens On The Road”

I wanted to feel a sense of accomplishment after being praised, but when the stage was over. only my msitakes were pointed out. I wonder if I was that bad, and my self-esteem gradually fell.


Though Lee Hyori and Uhm Jung Hwa appeared not to have experienced such harsh treatment as performers, the cast’s maknaeHwasa, shared that she understood BoA and Kim Wan Sun must have felt during those times. She revealed that there are times when she makes music with a sense of spite and anger.

Hwasa on “Dancing Queens On The Road”

There are a lot of times when I’m on the stage or I’m doing music while being angry. I think there is definitely a staircase that leads to the peak as I do music with a bit of spite.


After Lee Hyori asked her when she felt the most spite on stage, Hwasa revealed that it was during her first solo album, Maria. She was especially hurt by the fact that people judged her for her appearance instead of her music or skills, which she poured her heart into. “I always live with a good heart while working hard on music, but people judge me only by my appearance. I guess I was a bit hit with a reality check,” the singer added.

However, instead of succumbing to the hate, Hwasa revealed that she used the stage as her way to channel her anger.

At that time, I didn’t think much about the results. I only thought, ‘I should just release it all on the stage.’ I couldn’t take it out on people, so I only had a stage to release my anger and stress.


BoA agreed with Hwasa’s sentiments, saying that despite off-stage criticism, the stage itself is like a safe space for them where they could feel free and also take out their stress and anger. “I think it’s killing two birds with one stone,” she concluded.

You can watch the full episode down below!