Making Of A Miracle: How H1-KEY Went Viral | K-Pop Explained

Making Of A Miracle: How H1-KEY Went Viral | K-Pop Explained

Making Of A Miracle: How H1-KEY Went Viral | K-Pop Explained

INFINTE Official / OH MY GIRL Official / CIX Official / H1-KEY Official

“The 2023 “Seogwipo Glocal Festa” will become Korea’s representative festival combining natural beauty and K-Content in the form of a Hallyu festival.”

– Seoul Glocal Festa Organizers


Another K-Pop festival for the books is coming up soon! The “2023 Seogwipo Glocal Festa” is set to take place this October with a star-studded K-Pop festival as the highlight and everyone is excited to find out which artists are set to perform! Seogwipo is one of the treasures in region form on the beautiful northside of Jeju Island. Combining the ‘global’ and ‘local’ aspects, not only will this festival solidify the region’s status as a cultural city, but it will also bring the global phenomenon that is K-Pop to the forefront in the best way! It’s the best of both worlds!

You may ask yourself…

How will the festival combine ‘global’ and ‘local’?

Well, one of the best parts about the “2023 Seogwipo Glocal Festa” festival is that the K-Pop festival is not all that it has to offer. There will be two more events taking place as part of the festival at the Jeju World Cup Stadium on Thursday, Oct. 26th, and Friday, Oct. 27th, respectively. The festival is three days in total!

Fans who attend the “2023 Seogwipo Glocal Festa” are not only guaranteed the glitz and glam of the concerts and globally-recognized K-Pop performances but also the local beauty and culture-rich healing experience that Jeju Island has to offer. All supplementary programs, excluding the K-Pop festival, will be open to citizens and tourists free of charge!

But wait, there’s more!!!

The KTO (Korean Tourism Organization) is bringing you the chance to attend the K-Pop festival 100% for free. Read on about the K-Pop festival “Seogwipo Global Culture Festival K-Pop Concert” and how you can see the festival for free below!


“2023 Seogwipo Glocal Festa”

When & Where: Concert Information

Date: October 28, Saturday, 6 PM (KST)

Location: Jeju World Cup Stadium, Jeju, South Korea


Who Will Perform?: “Seogwipo Global Culture Festival K-Pop Concert” Lineup

Seogwipo’s gorgeous sights will brighten up the daytime, and the lineup for the festival is filled with world-class K-Pop stars and representative Korean artists that will keep that light shining into the evening! The lineup includes some of the most iconic artists who can be found on many K-Pop playlists and have become the soundtrack to the lives of K-Pop fans the world over.

One look at this lineup will leave you blinded by the star quality. The “2023 Seogwipo Glocal Festa” has truly gathered some of the most dazzling artists for the event of a lifetime. Spanning across various genres and musical styles such as the soulful ballads of John Park, the groovy K-Hip-Hop beats of BE’O, the soothing K-Indie melodies of Stella Jang, and the addictive upbeat bops of K-Pop artists like the vocal legends INFINITE, the summer queens OH MY GIRL, the powerful performers CIX, and the profound lyricists H1-KEY, this festival will cater to everyone’s musical tastes and make for a holistic musical experience.

Check out the full lineup below!






John Park

Stella Jang


Where To Get Tickets

The ticket sales for the “2023 Seogwipo Glocal Festa” have not opened yet. Once the ticket details have been made available, we will promptly update this article. So, bookmark it to make sure you don’t miss out!

📢 Want to see the concert for free? We have good news for you! 🤩

As we mentioned before, KTO (Korea Tourism Organization) is hosting a ticket giveaway event for the highlight of the festa, the “Seogwipo Global Culture Festival K-Pop Concert”!


📌 How You Can Join The Giveaway To Get FREE Tickets 📌

➡️ Sign up for a Visit Korea account.

➡️ After logging in to your account, go to the giveaway events page and click Submit.

➡️ Fill in the form. 📝

➡️ Wait for the announcement of the winners on Sep. 27, 2023.

150 people will be chosen to be winners of tickets for the “Seogwipo Global Culture Festival K-Pop Concert” (2 tickets per person). Please note that the giveaway is only available for foreigners and that tickets are non-transferable.

For more details, you may visit the official Visit Korea website.

Join the event and be the lucky winner of tickets to the “Seogwipo Global Culture Festival K-Pop Concert”!

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“Seogwipo Glocal Festa” Official

With a lineup as electrifying as this, anticipation for the “2023 Seogwipo Glocal Festa” has been growing by the day!

Check out some of the buzz from fans surrounding the event!

I’m going to succeed at getting a ticket, just you wait!
@INFINIT2_0609 on Twitter

INFINITE, John Park, and Stella Jang… I HAVE to go…
@pepperhuchu on Twitter

Many fans also expressed how they will start by booking tickets to Jeju right away, how they’re looking forward to certain artist interactions, and some have even started manifesting campaigns for their fave artists to film a TikTok together.

One thing is clear. You don’t want to miss out on the “2023 Seogwipo Glocal Festa”!