"M COUNTDOWN IN FRANCE" Announces Lineup And Ticketing Details

“M COUNTDOWN IN FRANCE” Announces Lineup And Ticketing Details

“Boys Planet” Official / “Fantasy Boys” Official

The K-Pop industry is producing more and more groups, and the competition only gets harder every day. Between hundreds of talented people, it is often hard to judge and choose who is the best to form the next K-Pop group. That is why survival shows were created. Those days, survival shows even include the participation of Global fans to vote for their favorite member. In survival, everyone gets a chance to shine, and even if not all participants debut right away, it is always a great way to gain some fans and hope to be spotted by an agency, for individual trainees.

In 2023, numerous survival shows will be aired once again. We are curious to know what talents are going to blossom through those shows, and which groups are going to result from them. So here is a list of all survival shows coming up in 2023. The list will be updated as more shows will be announced, so stay tuned!

Note: Survivals that started before the beginning of 2023 aren’t listed here.


1. “Boys Planet” (February 4 – April 20)

 9 K-Pop Survival Shows In 2023


Update: The winners of “Boys Planet” will be debuting as “ZEROBASEONE” (or ZB1). Check out the information we have so far about the members of ZEROBASEONE here.

Mnet’s survival show “Boys Planet” is the male version of “Girls Planet 999”. The show counted 98 participants, but 3 of them left the show before its airing, leaving the show with a total of 95 participants. You can already take a look at their introduction performance ‘Here I am’.


2. “Fantasy Boys” Season 2 (March 30 – June 15)

 9 K-Pop Survival Shows In 2023


Update: The final members of the debuting group from “Fantasy Boys” were already announced. The group will be debut as “FANTASY BOYS” this year. Learn more about the debuting members here.

The survival show “Fantasy Boys” is coming back for a second season after its female version “My Teenage Girl”, from which the group CLASS:y resulted. You can check out more about the show here, and read all about the trainees that participated in the show here.


3. “Peak Time” (February 15 – April 19)

 9 K-Pop Survival Shows In 2023


Update: The boy group “VANNER” came out as the winner of the survival program.

“Peak Time” is a brand new survival show this year. The specificity of this survival is that all its participants will be idols who already debuted and have experience, and there were no trainees part of the program. The survival held its audition last summer and the program was broadcasted on JTBC.


4. “GIRL’S RE:VERSE” (January 1 – March 6)

 9 K-Pop Survival Shows In 2023


Update: The final debut group for “GIRLS RE:VERSE” has been revealed, and are the group formed is now called FE:VERSE as their group name. To find out more about the members that comprise the group, check out here.

“GIRL’S RE:VERSE” is a new type of survival program this year as well. All participants in the survival have been introduced have been introduced through animated characters and not through real photos or videos. The first episode was aired last January 2nd and the members were all playing a VR game with their characters. Despite the new format, the show received many good critics.


5. “R U Next?” (June 30 – September 1)

 9 K-Pop Survival Shows In 2023

“R U Next?” Official

Update: The final debuting members were announced, and the debuting group is revealed to be called I’LL-IT.

“R U Next” is idol survival program that will be hosted by JTBC and HYBE in collaboration. A girl group will be formed at the end of the program, and was to be BE:LIFT LAB’s first girl group, and HYBE’s third, after LE SSERAFIM and NewJeans.


6. “Queendom Puzzle” (June 13 – August 15)

 9 K-Pop Survival Shows In 2023

“Queendom Puzzle” Official

Update: The final members of the group have been decided and the name of the new project group from the show was announced to be EL7Z UP. Find out about the final members of the EL7Z UP here.

“Queendom Puzzle” is a survival program that will have female idols compete to become part of a project girl group at the end of the show. This season is to be differentiated from previous seasons of “Queendom,” where female idol groups participated as a whole. The program started airing in June 13.


7. “Universe Ticket” (November 2023 – TBA)

 9 K-Pop Survival Shows In 2023


“Universe Ticket” is a survival audition program co-produced by SBS and F&F Entertainment. The debuting group from this program is said to be composed of 8 members. The program is scheduled to broadcast this November.


8. “The Debut: Dream Academy” (September 1 – November 18)

 9 K-Pop Survival Shows In 2023

“The Debut: Dream Academy” Official

HYBE and Geffen Records have joined forces for the production of the idol survival program “The Debut: Dream Academy”, with the goal of establishing their first girl group localized in the United States.


9. “FAN PICK” (August 30 – TBA)

 9 K-Pop Survival Shows In 2023

FANPICK Official

“FAN PICK,” where fans have the power to choose their favorites, is set to create a new boy group. The program allows fans and contestants to directly participate in the selection of the group’s final members, bringing to life the vision fans have imagined.


Those are all the survival shows planned for 2023 so far, which one are you looking forward to the most? Let us know in the comments!