Love By Chance: How BTS Helped 2 Fans Get Engaged

Love By Chance: How BTS Helped 2 Fans Get Engaged

They’re bringing fans together in a different way 🥺

Since marrying the members of BTS is only a dream, two fans achieved an even bigger one. They shared their sweet love story of preparing to marry each other. And it wouldn’t have happened without the beloved boy group.


During the time BTS’s In the SOOP was airing, one ARMY revealed there was one obstacle in the way of watching the show. Without an account for the Disney+ streaming service, she couldn’t get access to it. Fortunately, she was in luck.

After sharing her dilemma on Twitter, another fan saw the tweet and kindly offered a solution. She said she wouldn’t mind sharing her Disney+ account to let them watch the show. That small act of kindness led to much more.

Months later, one of them formed a crush that turned out to be mutual. And their romance didn’t just stay in the dating phase.

Despite living in different countries, the two BTS fans shared the happy news of their engagement the next year. They even uploaded heartwarming photos of their gorgeous engagement rings and a moment from the proposal.

If they hadn’t been fans of BTS and planned on watching In the SOOP, they may have never received that chance to bond so deeply. But the group brought them together. Congratulations to the happy couple.