Lim Young Woong Goes Above And Beyond To Protect Concert Grounds, Netizens React

Lim Young Woong Goes Above And Beyond To Protect Concert Grounds, Netizens React

Most recently, singer Lim Young Woong held his “IM HERO—THE STADIUM” concert in Seoul and shocked fans again with the dedication and effort he put into the show.

Known for being the “King of fan service” by providing unique concert amenities for his broad fan base, he was even seen caring for the grass at the stadium.

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It was the first-ever concert to have the stage assembled after the audience had been seated. They did this to minimize the amount of time the grass gets stressed. They are still spreading out the white cloth at 5:10 PM KST.

This was a new and unique experience for the fans as they were able to see the stage being made in real-time!

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“Title: Wow Lim Young Woong Is really Trying To Protect The Grass

They are spreading a white cloth over the grass to protect it from the lights. In order to minimize the stage from being on the grass, they are assembling the stage in real-time.”

This is how the ground looks after the white cloth has been installed!

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The South and East LED displays were also huge so it was more comfortable for fans to watch the show.

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What was even more amazing was that they installed it on the first day, dismantled it after the performance, and installed it again the next day. News articles also reported that they used a temporary white deck to avoid damaging the ground.

We installed the deck to minimize damage to the grass and increase the focus and quality of the performance. We took on the challenge of being the first in Korea to assemble a real-time stage. We used a projector mapping cloth as a screen.

— Lim Young Woong’s agency

This is how the ground looks like when used as a screen!

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Netizens were amazed at the level of dedication and detail that went into the concert.

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  • “My mom and aunt entered the stadium around 3 and saw the stage being made in real-time and had a great time. Thank you Young Woong!”
  • “Dang is this the Olympics lol.”
  • “It’s crazy to think they built and dismantled it daily.”
  • “Goosebumps…I have goosebumps seeing this.”
  • “I’m curious for the behind-the-scenes, I must watch the movie when it comes out in August.”
  • “Wow daebak!”
  • “Wow….”
  • “Wow they did rehearsal even for this. It was a two-day show, and they did it daily. They really did their best to protect the grass. Amazing.”
  • “Wow…this is just wow…”
Netizen comments | theqoo
  • “Wow…”
  • “Wow..this is total respect.”
  • “Wow debark!”
  • “They did numerous rehearsals for stage assembly wow.”
  • “So they assembled and dismantled the stage every day?”
  • “Wow to protect the grass and use it as part of the show, that’s amazing.”
  • “This is so amazing.”
  • “Wow rehearsal for the stage assembly? Lim Young Woong..the man that he is…”

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