Le Sserafim wins the first trophy on ‘M Countdown'… aespa·Lee Moo-jin comeback

Le Sserafim wins the first trophy on ‘M Countdown’… aespa·Lee Moo-jin comeback

On Mnet’s ‘M Countdown’, which aired on the 11th, Le Sserafim took first place in the second week of May.

Le Sserafim said, “Thank you so much, and we worked hard preparing for ‘Unforgiven’, and thank you so much for giving us so much love.  Thank you to all the Source Music family, including producer Bang Si-hyuk. Heo Yoon-jin.  Thank you so much for blooming. I will work hard in the future, so please watch over me.”

On the other hand, on this day’s ‘M Countdown’, various stages were prepared, including the comeback stage of aespa, Oneus, and Lee Moo-jin, the debut stage of rookie idol Adiya, and the special stage of New City Power.

It is an album released about 10 months after ‘Girls’, and on this day, aespa, which performed the title song ‘Spicy’ and the b-side song ‘Salty & Sweet’, aespa returned to the real world in the wilderness. The members drew attention by telling new stories. In addition, ONEUS performed the stage of the new album’s title song “ERASE ME”.

Source: www.osen.co.kr