LE SSERAFIM Playfully Expose Their Complaints About Yunjin's Instagram Habits

LE SSERAFIM Playfully Expose Their Complaints About Yunjin’s Instagram Habits

“She only gets confirmation from us for the ones…”

The members of THE SSERAFIM all run their own personal Instagram accounts, where they’re free to express their individual styles. Along with a group Twitter and Instagram account that all the members share.

And while LE SSERAFIM are always incredibly supportive of each other, Chaewon, Kazuhaand Eunchae playfully called out Yunjin’s uploading habits. When asked about “something [they] can’t forgive even though she’s [their] member,” the members hesitated before mentioning Yunjin‘s passion for finding the perfect pictures to upload.

(Left to right) Back Kooyoung and LE SSERAFIM’s Chaewon, Kazuha, and Eunchae | M2/YouTube

According to the members, Yunjin is “sensitive” about the best way to upload her pictures.

| M2/YouTube

Even when there isn’t much of a difference between her options.

| M2/YouTube

And the members also playfully mentioned how when Yunjin asks permission to upload a picture that includes other members, she only gives them choices of “ones she looks good in.”

| M2/YouTube

Sometimes at the expense of her members’ appearances.

| M2/YouTube

Even if Eunchae closes her eyes, Yunjin might still ask to post the picture.

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Of course, clearly, Yunjin still gets her members’ permission, as LE SSERAFIM always look stunning in the pictures they upload. And even though Yunjin might be “sensitive” about subtle differences in her Instagram pictures, fans always love what she posts.