LE SSERAFIM Members’ Height, From Tallest To Shortest

LE SSERAFIM Members’ Height, From Tallest To Shortest

LE SSERAFIM Members’ Height, From Tallest To Shortest

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In the K-Pop world, fans have definitely noted the legendary leaders in various groups. The likes of BTS’s RM, TWICE’s JiHyo, ATEEZ’s HongJoong, Stray Kids’ Bang Chan and NCT’s TaeYong are names that most fans already know. After all, they bring out the true essence of leadership and teamwork in their groups. It’s impossible to not respect them.

However, newer group leaders might not be as in the spotlight as their sunbae leaders. In fact, some groups in the 4th generation of K-Pop have chosen to leave their leader positions vacant— think groups like Billlie, PURPLE KISS and VIVIZ. While this is for obvious positive reasons, we can’t help but appreciate the designated young leaders today that were truly made for the role. Here in this article, we’ll be discussing our best 7 K-Pop group leaders debuting from 2019 till now that truly embody the leadership role. We sure know you personally stan some of these talented K-Pop group leaders.


Top 7 K-Pop Group Leaders From 2019 Til Now That Are True Leaders

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A leader through and through is who YeJi is. From her trainee days, she had been known to be that talented and focused rookie. Come debut and their years of success as a group, and we just how much of a guide she is to and for the girls. Whenever the members slack during practice or aren’t performing to their fullest, YeJi is there to remind them that they cannot afford to fail. She makes sure all the members are doing their best and their best alone, and even as she performs her leadership duties, YeJi still makes time to bond with the members. That balance of charismatic leadership and deep interpersonal connection between the members makes YeJi one of the best leaders of the 4th generation of K-Pop.


Top 7 K-Pop Group Leaders From 2019 Til Now That Are True Leaders

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We think Choi HyunSuk, we think flex. While that is very much the case, that doesn’t mean he’s all about dope dressing and talented rapping. Together with his co-leader JiHoon, they combine to form a leadership that’s balanced. While JiHoon is the group’s moral support, HyunSuk is the leader that ensures the group is exceptional at all times. Mentally and physically, he never ceases to care for the members and their well-being, and while this might seem futile, it is absolutely essential to ensure the group thrives like a well-oiled machine. We do know his unmatched fashion sense is rubbing off on the members, and that’s just spectacular.


It surprised fans that An YuJin who was part of the maknae line in former group IZ*ONE suddenly became the leader of her new group. But to be fair, it isn’t much of a surprise to Wiz*ONEs (IZ*ONE fans) because YuJin had been poised and level-headed even as a maknae then. Her taking up the leader role might have been shocking, but only for a few minutes. The fact that YuJin understands that the group must be on the same page for them to succeed, and that she can falter sometimes and seek guidance from older member GaEul shows just how honest and grounded of a leader she is.


Fans of this super boy group know just how of the leader position JungWon is. Even though he, one of the younger members, occupies the position, he still guides the team as though it’s a natural process. JungWon ensures that members understand each other and that they are able to perform and plan a a team, and most importantly, that the members are in tiptop shape whenever they perform. Him being such a strong source of moral and physical encouragement to the members makes him just the right man to be the group leader.


Considering Choi YuJin had previously been a group before, most fans would automatically assume she’d be fixed as Kep1er’s leader. While that might be one undeniable reason, that’s not to say she doesn’t have what it takes to lead the group. While she was a younger member in former group CLC, she knows what it takes to be a female idol in the industry. Her expertise where professionalism is concerned is more than solid, and she understands that the members’ health is of extreme importance as well. It makes sense that Choi YuJin is the group’s leader, because she can steer the group in a better direction. We can’t be more thankful for that.


We all know about TXT’s shenanigans. The boys are playful with each other, often teasing themselves one too many times. It’s amazing that SooBin can maintain the balance and dynamic nature of the group with his leadership. Even as the group have this brotherly bond, SooBin still knows when to step in to be the bigger person. Him making sure the scales are always balanced between fun and work in the group is an invaluable skill as a leader. We hope he’s not too overwhelmed by the members though.


Top 7 K-Pop Group Leaders From 2019 Til Now That Are True Leaders

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We’re sure that you as fans all know that LE SSERAFIM has a very strong sisterly bond. Some might say that while being in a group like this is wonderful, a leader like Kim ChaeWon might find it difficult to sustain herleader title. On the contrary, the fact that the group itself has such a tight sisterly bond makes it easier for ChaeWon to exhibit true leadership. Conflicts are addressed and resolved lovingly yet firmly, and the members will always be able to communicate effectively. With Kim ChaeWon already ahead in the idol game due to her previous debut under IZ*ONE, there’s so much the LE SSERAFIM girls can learn from her. That in and of itself is such a beautiful structure, and we feel pride for this particular leader of 4th gen K-Pop.

What other group leaders that debuted from 2019 till now do you think should be on the list? Let us know your honest thoughts!