LA-Based Rap Duo Features BTS’s V In Their Music Video

LA-Based Rap Duo Features BTS’s V In Their Music Video

LA-Based Rap Duo Features BTS’s V In Their Music Video

V was also given wardrobe credits!

During Weverse livestreams, the BTS members often introduce their fans to new music. Whether introduced intentionally or just through playing a song for fun in a livestream, the BTS members’ influence on ARMYs’ playlists is undeniable.

(From left:) BTS’s V, Jimin, Suga, Jungkook, Jin, RM, and J-Hope | Weverse

Oftentimes, after a member posts about another artist on their social media pages or plays another artist during their livestreams, many ARMYs rush to support the fellow singer.

Other times, the artists hear about the shoutout and thank the BTS member for recommending their song.

Recently, BTS’s V held a nearly 10-minute livestream and played multiple songs while casually chatting with fans.

One of those songs was Lil Vada and DonnySolo‘s “UP!” which V danced along to while he played the song.

V had played the song during a video once before, influencing many ARMYs to add it to their playlists.

V’s love for the song caught the attention of LA-based duo Lil Vada and DonnySolo, who dropped the official music video for “UP!” on September 2, and as a surprise to many, it featured BTS’s V himself!

Lil Vada (left) and DonnySolo (right) | Lil Vada/YouTube

A clip of BTS’s V during his August 28 livestream was added to the beginning of the music video with the caption, “Wardrobe inspired by Kim Taehyung of BTS.”

V was even given wardrobe credits in the description of the video on YouTube.

Lil Vada also shared a side-by-side photo of himself with the BTS member while wearing a V-inspired outfit.

He further showed support for the BTS member when he recommended his own fans check out V’s upcoming EP Layover while praising his recently released track “Love Me Again.”

Lil Vada’s Instagram story on September 3. | @lilvadafc/Instagram

Unsurprisingly, ARMYs were quick to spot V’s “cameo,” and the comment section on YouTube and on Lil Vada’s Instagram post about the song were taken over by a show of support from BTS’s fans.

ARMYs’ comments on the “UP!” music video | Lil Vada/YouTube
ARMYs’ comments on Lil Vada’s Instagram post about “UP!” | @lilvadafc/Instagram

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