Kpopmap Selected For The ‘TIPS’ Program By The Ministry Of SMEs And Startups

Global K-Content platform Kpopmap announced on the 2nd that it has been selected for the ‘TIPS (Tech Incubator Program for Startup)’ program organized by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups.

TIPS is a privately-led technology startup support program that selects promising startups with outstanding business models and technological capabilities and provides them with research and development funding, in collaboration with the Ministry of SMEs and private investment firms. Kpopmap’s selection for TIPS was made through the recommendation of New Paradigm Investment, which is both an investor in Kpopmap and the operator of the TIPS program.

Through the TIPS program, Kpopmap plans to collect a wide range of opinions and views from global K-Content fans and develop an integrated system for the global K-Content chart, using specialized topic modeling and big data analysis.

Seo Ilho, the CEO of Kpopmap, stated, “We will actively develop and enhance a high-reliability system that reflects the opinions and participation of global fans in the continuously growing K-Content market. By doing so, we aim to encourage more participation from the Hallyu (the Korean Wave) fandom and contribute to the development of the global fan community while providing chart services based on the popularity and interest in K-Content.”

Meanwhile, Kpopmap operates its own platform, providing self-produced content in English to subscribers in over 150 countries who are interested in global Hallyu content, including K-Pop, K-Drama, K-Beauty, and K-Culture. The platform records over 3 million monthly visitors and more than 10 million page views and is expanding its various engagement services to the global MZ generation, leading the spread of the Hallyu fandom community worldwide.