Korean Netizens React To Former (G)I-DLE Soojin’s Solo Dance Video “Black Forest”

Korean Netizens React To Former (G)I-DLE Soojin’s Solo Dance Video “Black Forest”

Korean Netizens React To Former (G)I-DLE Soojin’s Solo Dance Video “Black Forest”

This is her first public performance since she left the group.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of bullying that may disturb some readers.

It’s not been long since it was reported that former (G)I-DLE member Soojin would be debuting as a soloist. On October 25, 2023, she released a dance video called “Black Forest.” It showcased her dancing elegantly to a lively waltz song.

She started on the ground with some floor work.

As the former main dancer of the group, Soojin showed off her dancing chops.

She was dressed in the trendy balletcore look which helped make her look even more graceful.

This is her first public performance video ever since she left (G)I-DLE.

She nailed each move perfectly.

The elegant, modern dance moves were a contrast to her previous sexy style with the group.

Soojin did a 180 from her girl crush vibes, going for a more feminine and ladylike look. As Soojin withdrew from the group amidst a bullying controversy, netizens did not take to her solo debut kindly. They were disapproving of the video.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • I can’t cheer her on because I can’t believe anyone would dream of becoming a celebrity when they’ve bullied people. You were my bias, but I’m so embarrassed of the moments that I liked you.
  • Seems like her skills were so-so.
  • The responses here are so different from the ones on Hwang Hyunjin‘s posts LOL. The comments are so different from the post a few days ago with his concept photos.
  • A post sucking up to her just now failed to make it to the hot issues category but seems like this is finally making it here… It’s the best not to give her attention.
  • Jealous that she got into the hot issues category. Bet she loves that she’s getting attention anyway.
  • Seems like you have to have this thick of skin to be a celebrity.
  • Looks like Kim Garam will make her debut later too.
  • She gotta be bullsh*tting me.

Soojin’s case ended at a stalemate after the police could not find evidence to support either party’s claims. You can read more about the case here. Catch her stunning video below.