Korean Netizens React To FIFTY FIFTY’s Dismissal In Court

Korean Netizens React To FIFTY FIFTY’s Dismissal In Court

Korean Netizens React To FIFTY FIFTY’s Dismissal In Court

“You better practice your English…”

Korean netizens reacted to a judge’s ruling to dismiss FIFTY FIFTY‘s injunction against ATTRAKT.


On August 28, news broke that a judge ruled to deny FIFTY FIFTY’s request to suspend its contract with ATTRAKT.

FIFTY FIFTY Loses Legal Battle Against ATTRAKT

The ruling comes after months of public allegations and shocking revelations regarding FIFTY FIFTY and The GiversAhn Sung Il, who discovered the track “Cupid.”

Ahn Sung Il | Hankyung

Previously, the courts sent the case to mediation court, in which a judge serves as a mediator to see if parties could resolve the case amicably.

FIFTY FIFTY, however, refused to take part in mediation and applied for a traditional trial, which was then dismissed in court.

FIFTY FIFTY Members Refuse To Negotiate With ATTRAKT Following First Court Date

The news has since gone viral in Korea, where the country’s netizens reacted online.

  • “But will FIFTY FIFTY get paid for their music sales? I’m sure it would be a large amount.”
  • “FIFTY, you guys shouldn’t go around calling yourselves singers. Just don’t come out. You guys are f@cking horrible.”
  • “Even if they try to be the second Son Seung Yeon (another singer Ahn Sung Il allegedly poached), you should be able to predict your future… Anyways, congratulations.”
  • “I mean, I heard that there were so many endorsement deals. They kicked themselves in the foot.”
  • “Seriously, this is what you do with an opportunity of a lifetime?”
  • “So, Unanswered Questions released that kind of episode before the trial verdict. And the members’ letters, LOL.”

  • Unanswered Questions is looking really stupid right now, LOL.”
  • “They said if they’d rather quit singing than go back to ATTRAKT, so goodbye forever.”
  • “Did you think this would work? You better practice your English.
  • Unanswered Questions is out here looking foolish, LOL.”
  • “Of course.”
  • “Good!”
  • “Congratulations ATTRAKT.”

According to reports, the group will likely appeal the dismissal, giving the group a chance to still win the final legal outcome.