Korean Mom Goes Viral For Her Reaction To Son Coming Out As Gay

Korean Mom Goes Viral For Her Reaction To Son Coming Out As Gay

TikTok account The Korean Mama is run by a Korean son and mom based in Portland, OR. They post food-related videos, such as eating out together, mukbangs, etc. The duo boasts 529.6K followers at the time of writing.


Korean mom’s first time at Din Tai Fung! 🥟🥢 #xlb #soupdumplings #dintaifung

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Recently, they went viral for a different type of video.

The Korean Mama’s son posted a video recently coming out to his mom as gay. He hesitated but asked, “What if I got married, but it was to a man?”

To his surprise, she replied, “So what? If you do it, you do it!” So, he asked for clarification, “So you’d be okay if I married a man?”

The Korean Mama explained her thoughts about same-sex marriage. She said that today, it’s all about finding a partner to live life with regardless of gender. If they’re happy, then no one should be able to stop them.

Yeah. Rather than the old-school way of thinking of husband and wife, it’s more about finding a partner to live this life with. You can also see it that way. Even though same sex, like a man and man, or husband and wife, as a companion together for the life, they rely on and depend on each other for the whole life. If that’s their definition of happiness… Who’s anyone to interfere?

— The Korean Mama

Her son followed up with another question. He asked what she’d think about him getting a tattoo, and she told him it was unacceptable!

The video went viral with 493.5K views and 76.3K likes at the time of writing. Netizens were touched by the mom’s reaction to the son’s coming out and amused by her stance on tattoos!

Watch the full video below.


I know it’s a little late for national coming out day but for those struggling to come out, there’s no guarantee it’ll go smoothly but sometimes parents will surprise you. I came out to mom when I was in my early 20s and I really had no idea my super Korean mom felt this way. #lgbt #comingout

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